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InputUsername is a plugin that shows your username on the page where designated. It only works for logged-in users.



<span class="InputUsername">{{{1|&#8203;}}}</span>

Typically, this will be added as a template such as Template:USERNAME, which mimics existing magic words when added to a page, e.g. {{USERNAME}}. An example can be found on the Templates wiki.


If a user wishes to disable the replacement on a particular wiki (for instance if it is being added in a confusing way), they can add window.disableUsernameReplace = true; to their personal common.js page and the script will be ignored without affecting other users. window.UsernameReplaceSelector = '.custom'; can be used to add a selector to the script.

Whatever is between the <span class="InputUsername"> and the </span> is the text to display if the current viewer isn't signed into an account.


Hello, <span class="InputUsername">anonymous user</span>!

will output:

Hello, anonymous user!
Text above can be found here (edit)