LegacyWall is a feature that allows accessing old Message Wall discussions, in wikis where the Message Wall feature has been disabled.


The script adds a "LegacyWall" link to the "Edit"/Leave message" dropdown button in a user's talk page. When clicked, a popup window would ask you to confirm that you'd like to load any Message Wall discussion that was left on the user's wall.

If confirmed, the script would replace the content of the user page with a table, where each row includes information about each found discussion (title, starting user, creation and update dates, number of replies), and a link to the full discussion. Note that the table does not affect the given user's talk page, and refreshing would load the normal talk page discussions again.


  • Loading shouldn't take more than a few seconds, yet loading discussions of users who had an especially active talk page, with thousands of replies, might even approach a minute. However, this is typically not the case even in wikis where Message Walls have been active for years.
  • Note that to cut loading time, renamed users will appear in the loaded table under their username as it was when starting a discussion. When clicking the link to the full discussion, however, their current username will be displayed.




  • January 5, 2019- first release + updating import.
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