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This is a list of CSS enhancements categorized by type. These stylesheets allow users to:

  1. customise their wiki site-wide, or
  2. restyle their personal interface.

Across the web, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language, used to control the presentation of a webpage and enhance its visual look.

On Fandom, CSS is installed via imports in the MediaWiki namespace. These are similar to a normal CSS @import, but normally use ResourceLoader or MediaWiki URLs.

User customizations

These stylesheets enhance your user experience.


CollapsedAbbreviations (de) (es) (ru) (tr)
Collapses Special:RecentChanges abbreviations by default
ContribsButtons (be) (es) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Transforms contribution page links into a fully responsive grid of WDS-esque buttons.
Fanimp (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improving Fandom style deviations
Highlight (be) (de) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds highlighting to user group members
Makes a new class too make hovering images.
LocalNavExploreIcons (es) (ru) (tr)
Adds missing icons to the rest of list items under the "Explore" menu on the local navigation bar
MinifiedLeftTabs (hi) (tr) (uk)
Adds a cleaner style to the left tabs.
MinimalScrollbar (es) (fr) (ja) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans) (zh-hant)
Modernizes the scrollbar
PseudoMinerva (ru)
Tries to replicate the look and feel of the mobile Wikipedia skin in FandomMobile
UpgradedToolbar (tr) (zh-hans)
Minor visual improvements to the toolbar, along with using flexbox wrapping + width increase to allow more tools to be fit in

Personal use only

AdBlock (de) (es) (fr) (hi) (ko) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans) (zh-hant)
Removes all ads on page by default
AdaptiveProfile (de) (es) (fr) (ru) (tr)
Styles the profile
Anonymous (be) (de) (es) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
New avatar for unregistered Fandom users
BalancedRC (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves Recent Changes and Social Activity
A midnight theme for Discussions.
A midnight theme for mobile.
Overtly simple tooltip stylesheet.
Collapses the global navigation
CompactRC (es) (pl) (ru)
Moves around some elements and adds additional space on RecentChanges. Compatible with FandomMobile.
Modifies font of wiki for easy.
DarkModuleConsole (de) (es) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Dark theme for Lua module debug console
DiscordGlobalFooter (de) (tr)
Adds a Discord website footer theme to the global footer in wikis.
DiscordTheme (de) (es) (pl) (tr) (uk)
Styling to resemble Discord
EnhancedCCForms (es) (tr) (uk)
Removes borders from the new CC forms and enhances its appearance.
FadedDropdowns (tr) (uk)
Adds fading effect to dropdowns
FanFeedEnhancements (tr)
Adds enhancements and improvements to the style of the Fan Feed.
FloatingTitle (tr) (uk)
Makes your title float as you scroll down.
GamepediaTheme (fr) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
GamepediaTheme is a collection of stylesheets that style various elements of Fandom's Global Navigation system.
GlobalNavDarkTheme (es) (fr) (tr)
Dark global nav, notifications, search, and footer
GlobalNavigationIcons (be) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds icons to the user menu dropdown in the global navigation bar.
HorizontalMCF (be) (fr) (hi) (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Makes Fan Feed module horizontal and fit.
HydraRevived (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Reintroduces elements from the legacy Hydra skin to FandomDesktopMimics the look and feel of the legacy Vector skin
Ivory (ru)
Adds a light-pink theme to the global navigation.
Katsuragi (be) (fr) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds a dark purple theme to the global navigation.
LUUScrollableList (tr)
Makes the user options list scrollable and numbers each line
MinimalBanners (es) (hi) (tr)
Reduces the size & quantity of banner notifications.
MinutelyWider (tr)
Makes the page container minutely wider.
ModernWikiNavigation (ru) (tr)
Modernizes wiki navigation and animates the arrows in it
ModernizedChanges (es) (ru) (tr)
Modernizes the appearance of change-related pages.
MovingWordmark (be) (es) (fr) (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans) (zh-hant)
Moves the wordmark on hover
OasisRevived (pl) (ru) (tr)
Styles FandomDesktop to resemble the Oasis skin
OldFandomColors (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans)
Restores the global navigation and global footer themes to original colors, also restores the original appearance of several official wikis.
OldWikiaBar (fr) (tr)
Makes the bottom toolbar look what it was on Oasis.
ProfileIconsTextless (tr) (uk)
Replaces links in dropdown profile with icons
PseudoMonobook (be) (de) (es) (fr) (it) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans)
Introduces Monobook visual design cues to FandomDesktop.
ReaderStyle (tr)
Stylesheet made for ease of reading
RecentChangesModern (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Modernizes recent changes.
ResponsiveMobile (tr)
Optimizes FandomDesktop for mobile and tablet devices
RnSActivity (tr)
Adds some style for 3 social pages.
RoundedDesign (fr) (ru) (tr)
Modifies the rounding of buttons or anything that can be rounded.
Mostly hides global navigation.
SnowStormCSS (be) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds animated snow
ThemedRevDelButton (fr) (tr)
Themes the revision delete button
ThemedSearch (fr) (tr)
Customizes search to match wiki themes
TopGlobalNav (tr)
Moves the global navigation to the top
WikiaNavigationBarStyle (be) (es) (ru) (uk) (zh-hans)
Recreates the classic pre-Fandom Wikia Navigation Bar Style.
WikiaStaffTags (ru)
Replaces Fandom Staff tags from the signatures of Specialists and Staff with the classic Wikia Staff tags. Also restores the Wikia Staff tags to the threads and comments of Staff

Site-wide only

Applies effects on images using name attribute tags.
Grid (tr)
Adds a grid component to easily create custom layouts within a page.

Site enhancements

These stylesheets visually refresh site features on your wiki.


ActivityFeedMimic (de) (es) (tr)
Mimics the look of the deprecated <activityfeed />
AntiBigText (be) (de) (es) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Prevent text enlargement on larger screens (1596+ px)
BetterCodeMirrorContrast (ru) (tr)
Allows to make better contrast in CodeMirror
BringExternalLinkIconsBack (de) (ru) (tr) (zh-hans)
Restores external link icons and make them theme friendly.
ClassicSlider (de) (tr) (zh-hant)
Introduces the classic legacy platform / Oasis skin slider design with UCP-improved appearance.
ExpandingInfoboxes (el) (tr)
Expands infoboxes at wider widths
ExternalIcons (ru) (tr)
Adds icons for some external links
Turns the header buttons into a fusion
ImprovedUserpages (tr)
Readapts userpages according to the theme and redesigns various elements.
InfoboxTabImages (tr)
Enables the usage of images as the label in portable infobox tabs
InterlanguageFlags (be) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (pt-br) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh) (zh-hans) (zh-hant)
Adds the country's flag next to the interlanguage links in the interwiki module and dropdown.
ModernGPAchievements (ru) (tr)
Modernizes the design of Gamepedia Achievements pages
ModernLeaderboard (es) (ru) (tr)
Modern leaderboard theme.
RelevantPrint (tr)
Strips interface elements out when printing the pages
SectionEditLabels (tr)
Adds "EDIT" label next to the pencil icon
SolarizedSyntaxHighlight (tr) (zh-hans)
Adds solarized syntax highlighting to pages
Stylizes the difference comparations
Stylizes the tabs
TabberDesign (es) (tr)
Changing the layout and look of the tabber
ToCTitleChange (tr)
Adds "Table of" before the word "Contents" for English interface
ZHVariantFlags (zh-hant)
Adds the variant's/country's/region's flag next to the variant links in the variant dropdown menu.

Personal use only

NoGlobalNav (es) (tr) (uk)
Removes global navigation and moves user dropdown and notifications when using FandomDesktop

Site-wide only

CSS3Tooltip (de) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans)
Tooltips created only with CSS3
Doqs (de) (tr)
Layout template and CSS, mimicking MDN Web Docs'.
DropdownMenu (be) (de) (es) (fr) (pl) (pt-br) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Creates a dropdown menu.
FatButton (tr)
Bigger buttons to get the user's attention more
Creates a glitch-like text effect.
Heimu (zh-hans)
Hide contents in spoiler bars and reveal the contents when the cursor is hovering over the spoiler bars
LeafyStrap (ru) (tr)
A Bootstrap-like stylesheet for main pages
PrettyUserTags (es) (fr) (tr) (uk)
A UserTags extension to make each user tag unique.
ProgressBar (ru) (tr)
Allows to create a progress bar
SpoilerBlur (be) (es) (fr) (nl) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans)
Blurs spoiler section or word(s)
ThemeBasedStyling (tr) (zh-hans)
Allows inline styling to adapt for both light and dark versions of FandomDesktop skin
ThemeColorClasses (tr)
Theme variables made into classes
ThemedRailWidgets (ru)
Styles the new "Recent images", "Others like you also viewed" and "Popular pages" widgets seen in the right rail to use wiki colors
When installed on a wiki (by an admin), lets normal users to use basic CSS animations

Wiki theming

These stylesheets adjust the theme or color scheme of a wiki.


AccentColorButtons (de) (fr) (ru) (tr)
Modifies the background color of the buttons.
EditorParity (es)
Redesigns slightly WikiEditor, AceEditor and VisualEditor for parity on their styles, alongside fixes.Addon for personal-use changes. Note: use this alongside the base stylesheet.
GradientHeader (tr)
Makes the header a gradient blending in between the community and page backgrounds
MastheadBorders (el) (hi) (tr)
Adds borders to the user profile masthead area
OldEuropa (tr)
Makes infoboxes look like the Europa style before UCX
PseudoMinerva (ru)
Tries to replicate the look and feel of the mobile Wikipedia skin in FandomMobile

Personal use only

ClassicDevWikiTheme (be) (de) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Recreates the classic pre-Fandom Dev Wiki layout.
DarkCC (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Adds a dark theme to the whole wiki page.
EmeraldGlobalNav (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Adds a grey-green theme to the global navigation.
FANSUN (es) (fr) (hi) (tr) (zh-hans)
Dark wiki theme for official wikis
HydraRevived (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Reintroduces elements from the legacy Hydra skin to FandomDesktopMimics the look and feel of the legacy Vector skin
Katsuragi (be) (fr) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds a dark purple theme to the global navigation.
Modern2010Editor (be) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Redesigns the 2010 editor to be more like the legacy editor.
OasisRevived (pl) (ru) (tr)
Styles FandomDesktop to resemble the Oasis skin
RedesignCCMainpage (ru) (tr)
Changes the design of Community Central's main page.
ResponsiveMobile (tr)
Optimizes FandomDesktop for mobile and tablet devices
ThemedFandomBranding (el) (tr)
Makes global navigation, search container and global footer themed according to wiki's colors.
UWStyle (tr) (zh-hans)
Adds some style for wiki
WikiaCommunityCentralTheme (el) (uk) (zh-hant)
Recreates the classic pre-Fandom CC colour scheme

Editing customizations

These stylesheets improve your editing experience.


BetterCodeMirrorContrast (ru) (tr)
Allows to make better contrast in CodeMirror
FixedCodingFont (ru)
Importing the fonts 'Monaco', 'Consolas', and 'Menlo' can sometimes affect the coding font being used on devices, which can sometimes cause confusion. Importing this short stylesheet can revert the affected coding font back to its original font. Do note that this may not affect all devices; it may not affect any device if no fonts are added to the wiki.
MiniVisualEditorUI (es) (tr)
Minimizes the UCP Editor's interface
Nord (be) (es) (fr) (pl) (ru) (tr) (uk)
An arctic material code theme for Fandom.
UCPEditorMinimal (be) (es) (pt-br) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Compressed design on the editor.
Reverts most of the 2017 Wikitext Editor styles back to the default CodeMirror styles.

Personal use only

EditorCSS (de) (tr) (uk)
Changes the look of 2010 source editor
OldSyntaxHighlight (tr)
Brings old syntax highlighting back to the source editor, CSS-only.

Wiki modernization

These stylesheets modernize the wiki experience.


Antiborder (be) (de) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Removes a lot of borders
BalancedBloglists (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hans)
Improves blog & bloglist on UCP
BalancedCategories (be) (de) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves category design
BalancedComments (be) (de) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves comments & message walls on the UCP
BalancedDiscord (be) (de) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves Discord widget
BalancedMessageBoxes (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves message boxes style
BalancedPageBottom (be) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves page footer for UCX
BalancedProfile (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves profile on the UCP
BalancedScrollbar (be) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves scrollbar
BalancedSearch (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves search on the UCP
BalancedSlider (be) (de) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves slider design
BalancedTL (ru)
A set of styles for designing templates
BalancedUCX (be) (de) (es) (pt-br) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves page design on UCX

Personal use only

BalancedGlobalNavigation (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves navigation and search modal for UCX
BalancedRC (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves Recent Changes and Social Activity
BalancedVE (be) (de) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Real visual editor
FluentUI (be) (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Blurred elements
Bringing glassmorphism to Fandom
Lightbox2.0 (ru)
Better looking lightbox
ModernWikiNavigation (ru) (tr)
Modernizes wiki navigation and animates the arrows in it

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