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This is a list of CSS enhancements categorized by type. These stylesheets allow users to:

  1. customise their wiki site-wide, or
  2. restyle their personal interface.

Across the web, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language, used to control the presentation of a webpage and enhance its visual look.

On Fandom, CSS is installed via imports in the MediaWiki namespace. These are similar to a normal CSS @import, but normally use ResourceLoader or MediaWiki URLs.

User customizations

These stylesheets enhance your user experience.


ContribsButtons (be) (es) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Transforms contribution page links into a fully responsive grid of WDS-esque buttons.
Fanimp (ru) (uk)
Improving Fandom style deviations
Highlight (be) (de) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (ru) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds highlighting to user group members
MinifiedLeftTabs (hi) (uk)
Adds a cleaner style to the left tabs.
RectangularButtons (es) (fr) (uk)
Makes Fandom buttons rectangular

Personal use only

AdRailRemove (es) (hi) (ko) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Removes all ads on page by default
BalancedRC (be) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Improves Recent Changes and Social Activity
CSSForTheColorBlind (be) (es) (hi) (ja) (ru) (tr) (uk) (zh-hant)
Gives color blind users CSS which resets most elements in the DOM to a high-contrast black-and-white. Allows for customization of wiki-specific elements at the bottom of the sheet.
DarkModuleConsole (de) (es) (hi) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Dark theme for Lua module debug console
DiscordTheme (de) (es) (pl) (uk)
Styling to resemble Discord
EnhancedCCForms (es) (uk)
Removes borders from the new CC forms and enhances its appearance.
FadedDropdowns (uk)
Adds fading effect to dropdowns
FloatingTitle (uk)
Makes your title float as you scroll down.
GamepediaTheme (hi) (ru)
GamepediaNav is a collection of stylesheets that style various elements of Fandom's Global Navigation system.
GlobalNavDarkTheme (es) (fr) (tr)
Dark global nav, notifications, search, and footer
GlobalNavigationIcons (be) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (ru) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds icons to the user menu dropdown in the global navigation bar.
HorizontalMCF (be) (hi) (pl) (ru) (uk)
Makes FanFeed module horizontal and fit.
HydraRevived (uk)
Reintroduces elements from the legacy Hydra skin to FandomDesktop
Katsuragi (be) (fr) (hi) (ru) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds a dark purple theme to the global navigation.
MinimalBanners (es) (hi)
Reduces the size & quantity of Banner Notifications.
Makes the page container minutely wider.
Modernises wiki navigation and animates the arrows in it
Styles FandomDesktop to resemble the Oasis skin
OldFandomColors (uk) (zh-hans)
Restores the global navigation and global footer themes to original colors, also restores the original appearance of several official wikis.
OldOasisTheme (uk)
Styles Oasis to use pre-August 2021 Rebrand Colours.
Makes the bottom toolbar look what it was on Oasis
ProfileIconsTextless (uk)
Replaces links in dropdown profile on icons
PseudoMonobook (be) (de) (es) (fr) (it) (ru) (uk) (zh-hans)
Introduces Monobook visual design cues to Oasis.
RecentChangesModern (es) (ru) (uk)
Modernizes RecentChanges on UCP
Optimizes FandomDesktop for mobile and tablet devices
RoundedDesign (fr)
Modifies the rounding of buttons or anything that can be rounded.
SnowStormCSS (be) (ru) (uk) (zh-hant)
Adds animated snow
Moves the global navigati on to the top.
WikiaNavigationBarStyle (be) (es) (ru) (uk) (zh-hans)
Recreates the classic pre-Fandom Wikia Navigation Bar Style
Replaces Fandom Staff tags from the signatures of Helpers, Specialists, Representatives, and Staff with the classic Wikia Staff tags. Also restores the Wikia Staff tags to the threads and comments of Staff

Site enhancements

These stylesheets visually refresh site features on your wiki.


AntiBigText (be) (es) (fr) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Prevent text enlargement on larger screens (1596+ px)
InterlanguageFlags (be) (es) (fr) (hi) (pl) (pt-br) (ru) (uk)
Adds the country's flag next to the interlanguage links in the interwiki module and dropdown.
MinimalistSlider (be) (de) (es) (ru) (uk) (zh-hant)
Minimalises the UI of sliders
PrettyUserTags (es) (fr) (uk)
A UserTags extension to make each user tag unique.
TabberDesign (es)
Changing the layout and look of the tabber
ZHVariantFlags (zh-hant)
Adds the variant's/country's/region's flag next to the variant links in the variant dropdown menu.

Site-wide only

CSS3Tooltip (es) (ru) (tr) (uk)
Tooltips created only with CSS3
DropdownMenu (be) (de) (es) (fr) (pl) (pt-br) (ru) (uk)
creates a dropdown menu
SpoilerBlur (be) (es) (fr) (nl) (ru) (uk)
Blurs spoiler section or word(s)

Wiki theming

These stylesheets adjust the theme or color scheme of a wiki.

Recreates the classic pre-Fandom Dev Wiki layout.
Makes Discussions pages dark across all of Fandom.
Resembles Discord, and reduces strain on readers' eyes.
Recreates the classic pre-Fandom CC colour scheme.
Resembles the Windows XP operating system.
Styles Fandom after the Windows 95 and 2000 operating systems.

Editing customizations

These stylesheets improve your editing experience.

Minimalist editor for UCP wikis.
An arctic material code theme for Fandom.

Wiki modernization

These stylesheets modernize the wiki experience.

Modernizes the profile masthead.
Modernizes the Recent Changes header (also includes a backlink to WikiActivity).
Modernizes the tabs.
Adds enhancements and improvements to the style of the Fan Feed.
Modernizes the scrollbar.
Makes buttons similar to the ones from Fandom Design System.
Crops avatars so that they are round.

Development tools

These stylesheets can be used in your own stylesheets or customizations.

Custom icon font based on Fandom's design system assets.
A scalable vector icon set, ported to Fandom.


Use these simple snippets to customize your wiki experience.

Adds blur to background.
Change the layout of code boxes.
Add a customizable "tag" to certain names for Message Wall posts.
Fix the background color of the file history table in dark wikis.
Fix the width of the VisualEditor toolbar.
Hide the Fandom rail modules.
Kill visual editor focus
Remove the UI-blocking focus of VisualEditor.
Minify Fandom's new article header.
Makes the Fandom footer translucent when not hovered over.
Attempts to remedy blurry text in FandomDesktop on Chrome.
Fix margins of Fandom's new rail modules.
Keeps the characters remaining feature unhidden at all times.

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