Magic editintros displays banner intro text when in either the source or classic RTE editor. Also, displays for section edits.


Originally copied from Wikipedia. Modified for use in Monobook, Monaco, and Oasis skins on Wikia, and added the intros when editing sections on articles


1. Add the code from here to your MediaWiki:Common.js

This demos two methods used to identify qualifying pages.

  1. The first is triggered if the page has a any elements with a particular class "disambigbox", and if so inserts text from template Disambig editintro.
  2. A page qualifies if it is member of particular category(s), in this cas Category:Living people and Possibly living people.

You may repeat as many addOnloadHook blocks as are needed.

Original code

From Wikipedia:Mediawiki:Common.js, see authors there. Current maintainer is RockMFR


7 March, 2011
  • Fix for new Wikia skin.--Grunny
3 February, 2010
  • Fix to include the new edit button next to page titles.--Grunny
12 January, 2010
  • Modified for use in both Monobook and Monaco, plus section edit functionality added.--Grunny
16 October, 2009
  • Initial patched version from wikipedia posted. Phlox.