MarkBlocked strikes out the usernames of any users currently blocked on the wiki. Based on a script originally by Kalan, Alex Smotrov, and a number of other users of Russian Wikipedia (original source).



Style used for usernames that are partially blocked (partial blocks not currently available on Fandom).
Style used for usernames that are blocked temporarily.
Style used for usernames that are blocked indefinitely.
Change the tooltip shown on links to a blocked user. $1 is the length of the block, $2 is the username of the blocker, $3 is the reason for the block, and $4 is the length of time since the user was blocked.
If true, show a small box with tooltip before links to blocked users rather than adding the tooltip to the blocked user link directly.
Style used for the box added by the window.mbTipBox setting above.
Sets the opacity of all user links while the script checks with the server which users are blocked (this indicates the script is loading).
If true, don't mark blocked users by default. Instead, add a link to the 'My Tools' menu to mark blocked users.

These are the default settings, which are loaded automatically when no custom settings are defined:

window.mbPartialStyle = 'opacity: 0.5';
window.mbTempStyle = 'opacity: 0.7; text-decoration: line-through';
window.mbIndefStyle = 'opacity: 0.4; font-style: italic; text-decoration: line-through';
window.mbTooltip = 'blocked ($1) by $2: $3 ($4 ago)';
window.mbTipBox = false;
window.mbTipBoxStyle = 'font-size:85%; background:#FFFFF0; border:1px solid #FEA; padding:0 0.3em; color:#AAA';
window.mbLoadingOpacity = 0.85;
window.mbNoAutoStart = false;
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