MassNullEdit allows the user to null edit multiple pages from a list. It is based on several other scripts (NullEditButton, AjaxBatchDelete and ChatBlockButton). It can also generate page lists for use elsewhere.



MassNullEdit should appear under your "My Tools" list (in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen).

To null edit multiple pages, add each page name (not the page URL) to the list on a new line (including their namespace, if necessary) and click the "Start" button. The script will stop once all items on the list have been null edited. If any pages fail to edit, a notice will be shown and the page will be readded to the list once the script stops.

Using the "Add pages" button, all pages from a namespace or category, or all pages that link to a particular page can be added to the list. This feature can also be useful for generating plain text lists for use elsewhere. If the script is used on Special:WhatLinksHere, Special:Prefixindex, Special:Allpages or a category page, it will automatically add the linked pages/category members to the list.

By default, the script will null edit one page per second. If you'd like to change that, set the window.nullEditDelay property to a number (in milliseconds) in your JavaScript page. For example, add the below line to your JavaScript page to null edit once every three seconds:

window.nullEditDelay = 3000;

If you do not see the "My Tools" menu (or other language equivalent), try clicking "Customize" and then "reset defaults".

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