MassRedirect provides a link to a modal (without changing location) which allows the user to list pages to be redirected.

There are two variants of this script: one which will redirect all listed pages to a particular page, while the other will redirect individual pages in pairs (see below for more detailed information).


It is strongly recommended that you are using an account that has a bot flag when using this script excessively, as excessive redirection can flood the recent changes/wiki activity.

By default, the script will redirect one page per second. If you'd like to modify that, add the config massRedirectDelay before importing the script with your own number (in milliseconds) instead.

The option to use the Mass Redirect script will appear under your "My Tools" list (the toolbar at the bottom of your screen).

Please note you must not have the toolbar at the bottom hidden or the script will not function. If you do not see the "My Tools" (or other language equivalent), try clicking Customize and then "reset defaults" to not hide the "My Tools".

Variant 1

This variant works best when wanting to redirect a batch of pages to the same page. Simply put the name in the text area at the top of the model to redirect the rest to.

Variant 2

This variant is slightly different from the first. Here there is no option to redirect to the same page - instead, each line is split into two (by finding the space) where the first half is the page that we want to redirect, and the second half is the page to redirect to. So for example if you wanted to redirect Foo to Bar in one line, you would put "Foo Bar". For pages that contain spaces, you need to use underscores to redirect them (e.g. "Page_One Page_Two" would redirect "Page One" to "Page Two").

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