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MassRenameRevert adds buttons and a checkbox to each entry on the move log to open revert links quickly. Due to MediaWiki limitations, it is not possible to revert them conventionally with API like a normal page move by the user, so this is the closest you can get to accomplishing that. The purpose of this script is to mass revert renaming (usually by a particular user) in cases of extreme move vandalism.

Note: The script will not auto-detect if a page exists or not in languages other than English.


By default, all entries are checked. To check specific ones, either press the "Uncheck All" button and select the ones you want to open or uncheck manually. Pressing the "Unchecked All" button will also cause it to change to a "Check All" button, and will revert if pressed again etc.

When the "Open Moves" button is pressed, all lines with the checkboxes checked will open the "revert" links in new separate tabs ready to revert them to their old page names.

It is possible your browser will not open them, in which case you will need to enable popups on that wiki in your browser settings.



If this script is installed wiki-wide, it is strongly recommended to restrict its usage to certain usergroups using the MassRenameRevertGroups variable. For example, adding the below code snippet into your wiki's Common.js page will prevent all users except Administrators and Content Moderators from using the script.

window.MassRenameRevertGroups = ['sysop', 'content-moderator'];
Text above can be found here (edit)