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MassSetTemplateType allows a user to specify a list of templates and their type to be set to, which is then done in bulk.



window.MassSetTemplateType is an object that contains a key called list which is an array containing objects (one for each template) that contains two keys set to strings (name for the name of the template, including the namespace, and type for the type the template should be set to).

The main object can also contain a key called usedefaults which when set to true, adds a list of default templates to the list of templates.


window.MassSetTemplateType = {
    usedefaults: true,
    list: [{
        name: 'Template:Q',
        type: 'quote'
    }, {
        name: 'Template:Spoiler',
        type: 'design'

Template types

  • infobox
  • quote
  • navbox
  • notice
  • context-link
  • infoicon
  • scrollbox
  • references
  • media
  • data
  • design
  • navigation
  • nonarticle
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