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MassUserRights provides a link to a modal (without changing location) which allows the user to list users to be promoted/demoted. The default usergroups bureaucrat, administrator, discussions moderator, rollback and content moderator are listed, though custom usergroups can be added for particular wikis (see below).


To configure the delay:

window.massUserRightsDelay = 1000;


Select whether you would like to add or remove users from a usergroup with the dropdown menu (it is set at "Add" by default). In order to handle multiple users, add the usernames (without the User: prefix) each on a new line and proceed to handle them. The script will stop when it reaches an empty line.

In order to add custom usergroups, you need to follow this particular format for each entry, and add it above the import:

window.massUserRightsCustom = [


  1. The wiki URL name, for example Fandom Developers Wiki is "dev"
  2. The usergroup database name; for example the Code Editor usergroup is listed as codeeditor on Special:ListGroupRights after clicking (list of members), so we would use "codeeditor"
  3. The usergroup display name; for example codeeditor would display as Code Editor, so we would use "Code Editor"
  4. (Optional) The usergroup(s) required to add the group, seperate by , for multiple groups; for example Only Bureaucrats and Fandom Utilities can add Code Editor

Going by what the above explanation said, the way we can add the usergroup would be:

massUserRightsCustom = [
  "dev|codeeditor|Code Editor|Bureaucrat, util"

An example of custom multiple wikis and usergroups:

massUserRightsCustom = [
  "dev|codeeditor|Code Editor|bureaucrat",
  "mlp|imagecontrol|Image Control|sysop"

The script also has an "Add Group Contents" button, which will input a list of users from the usergroup of your choice.

It is strongly recommended that you are using an account that has a bot flag when using this script excessively, as excessive user rights changes can flood the recent changes.

By default, the script will do one page per second. If you'd like to modify that, add the config massUserRightsDelay before importing the script with your own number (in milliseconds) instead.

The option to use the MassUserRights script will appear under your "My Tools" list (the toolbar at the bottom of your screen).

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