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MessageBlock adds a checkbox in the Special:Block page that allows you to send a message with the block reason and duration to the blocked user's talk page directly from the block page.



To add the title and the text of this new message, just add this in MediaWiki:Common.js (or before the import statements if using for personal use):

window.MessageBlock = {
	title: 'Blocked',
	message: 'You have been blocked.'

Then, just change title by the title of the message and message by the text you want.

Note: You can't include quotation marks or newlines in the message template.

Include duration and block reason

If you want to include either the duration or the reason of the block, type in the message $1 (for the reason) and/or $2 (for the duration). For example, your message can be: "You have received a $2 block because you have $1".

Auto-check the checkbox

By default, the checkbox isn't checked and have to be checked manually. If you want to check it by default, just put this before import statements:

(window.MessageBlock = window.MessageBlock || {}).autocheck = true;


window.MessageBlock = {
	title : 'Blocked',
	message : 'You have received a $2 block because you have $1',
	autocheck : true

	type: 'script',
	articles: [


  • 2020/10/07: Modernize and add UCP support
  • 2014/11/25: Solve minor issues and add improvements
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