MessageBlocker is a script for Fandom Chat that is able to prevent all messages by a certain user, or set of users, from appearing.

This extension affects Chat on a personal level only. It does not interfere with messages as seen by other users.



User menu

To block or allow messages from a user, click on their name in the user list to bring down the user's drop down menu. The option is below the "Private Message" button.


There is a modal that lists all users currently blocked. This is accessible through the "MB" button and the !blocklist command.

The modal has a button to clear the list of banned users.


MessageBlocker has the following text commands. To use them, insert the command into the text pane, and press Enter:

  • !blocklist - opens a modal that lists blocked users
  • !block - block a user
    • !block Dzylon will block Dzylon
  • !unblock - unblock a user
    • !unblock FandomBot will unblock FandomBot


  • Messages posted by users with chatmod rights cannot be blocked with this script. This includes local administrators, staff, Fandom Helpers and VSTF members.
  • The script stores data for blocked users in localStorage. Thus, users can't be blocked across wikis.
  • The script also does not block PMs from users, as Chat can do this.



December 5 2012 (v1.0)
Dzylon: Initial release.
December 11 2012 (v1.1)
Dzylon: Inline stylesheeting for user blocks.
August 23 2017 (v1.2)
MACH-59330: Local storage support, some front-end improvements and cleanup.
February 29 2018 (v1.3)
MACH-59330: I18n support, performance improvements (logic rewrite, preload dependencies), DRY.
March 4 2018 (v1.4)
MACH-59330: Text commands, moderator checking, user cache validation, further logic rewrites.
May 6 2018 (v1.5)
MACH-59330: Updated to use WDSIcons library.
June 6, 2018‎ (v1.6)
MACH-59330: Updated to use Chat-js, multiple bugfixes.

  • Fix for usernames with spaces in text commands.
  • Show "empty list" indicator when launching !blocklist modal.
  • Prevent unblocking error when only one user is blocked.

June 6, 2018‎ (v1.7)
MACH-59330: Simplify script internals, remove window functions.