msgEditApi allows to use simple function calls to create and edit thread messages & comments. Currently supported: article comments, blogs, forum threads and message wall threads (which technically are forum threads).


When ready, the script fires nmsgeditapi.ready hook via mw.hook, with interface object as first parameter. Exports: getMessage, setMessage, settings.

get active message content. Returns proxy to string and jQuery deferred object. Use getMessage().promise to access to the promise. String is keeped for backward-compatibility reasons, don't use it.
set active message content to "msg", if no active message found, add new message.
currrently, only "debug" parameter is exposed.

Note: in order to avoid headache with dealing with weird RTE content, getMessage and setMessage turns editor to source mode.


mw.hook('nmsgeditapi.ready').add(function (editApi) {
    editApi.setMessage(editApi.getMessage() + ' hi there');


Importing multiple scripts? This quick guide shows how to combine the imports.
  • For site-wide use, an administrator can add the line below to the wiki's MediaWiki:ImportJS page.
  • For personal use, add the code snippet below to your global.js page (for use on all wikis) or your common.js page on your wiki (for use on a single wiki). Note that personal JS must be enabled for your account.
    type: 'script',
    articles: [
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