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MultipleActivity adds a page (Special:MultipleActivity) which can be used to view up to 100 changes like edits, deletions, protections, etc., posts from discussions, messages from walls and article comments in one place. It also adds a rail with up to 5 popular pages and the community corner if there is one.

The script doesn't work correctly on wikis that don't have Discussions enabled, or that don't have any posts on their Discussions.

Supported types of activities

  • Changes
    • page edit
    • page rename
    • page creation
    • page deletion
    • page restoration
    • page protection
    • page unprotection
    • user block
    • user unblock
    • user rights change
    • user avatar change
  • Social
    • discussions text post
    • discussions polls
    • user wall messages
    • article comments



Site-wide settings

Options of the script should be specified on MediaWiki:Custom-MultipleActivity-settings page. Each option contains a key and a value. Values can be single or comma-separated. Lines should have nothing at the end.

key1: value
key2: value1, value2


ma_links: toolbar, activityTabs
ma_linkText: Wiki Activity
Key Value Description
ma_links list of strings
single string
Defines the places where the links to MultipleActivity special page should be added.
toolbar: adds link to toolbar before My Tools.
activityTabs: adds link as a tab in activity pages like Recent Changes, Social Activity and New Files.
ma_linkText single string Defines a text that will be used in links to MultipleActivity special page set in ma_links option. They will use "MultipleActivity" if this option has not been specified.

Personal settings

Not yet implemented.

URL parameters

Parameter Value Description
debugmode 0/1
Displays some requested information in the browser console.

Default: false

separate 0/1
Displays the content on the left side as a list of changes separated by date (as shown on the RecentChanges page), or as a solid list (as shown on the old WikiActivity page).

Default: false

showrail 0/1
Displays or hides the rail.

Default: true


December 11, 2020
Initial release.
December 16, 2020
Added display of pictures appended to posts, comments and wall messages.
December 18, 2020
Added some configuration options (still in beta).
December 28, 2020
Added URL parameters support.
January 4, 2021
Added separate as an URL parameter.
January 8, 2021
Added site-wide settings.
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