MultipleFileDelete is a script that adds a "Selective Delete" button to the following Special pages:

  • Allpages ("All pages")
  • Prefixindex ("All pages with prefix")
  • Listredirects ("Redirects list")
  • BrokenRedirects ("Broken redirects")
  • Unusedcategories ("Unused categories")
  • Unusedtemplates ("Unused templates")
  • Unusedimages ("Unused photos")
  • UnusedVideos ("Unused videos")
  • Deadendpages ("Dead-end pages")
  • Shortpages ("Short pages")

The script will load for these rights:

  • Content Moderator
  • Administrator (sysop) on the wiki
  • SOAP
  • Helpers
  • Wiki Specialists
  • Wiki Representatives
  • Staff

How it works

Upon clicking the 'Selective Delete' button, two buttons will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen: 'Delete Selected' and 'Check All'. Checkboxes will also appear next to each listed item on the page. You can then select desired items to delete. You will be notified of each deletion result and the page will then reload.



If you wish to exclude one or more of the above pages, define the following variable before the import script statement:

window.mfdExclude = [

This will prevent the button from appearing on those pages. Make sure you are using the system-defined canonical page name (i.e. the initial name in the list, not the one in quotes) or else the script will not understand which page you are referring to.


May 15, 2019
KhangND: Rewrite, major bug fixes and improvements.
Feb 19, 2015
Spottra: Initial release.
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