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Nord is an arctic, north-bluish material code theme for Fandom, based on the Nord color palette.

It refreshes the color scheme for <syntaxhighlight> code blocks and reworks the interface for the Ace code editor.

The stylesheet supports syntax highlighting for:

  • JavaScript (Ace and <syntaxhighlight lang="javascript">)
  • CSS (Ace and <syntaxhighlight lang="css">*)
  • HTML5 (<syntaxhighlight lang="html5">)
  • XML (Ace and <syntaxhighlight lang="xml">)
  • Lua (Ace and <syntaxhighlight lang="lua">)

The reskin also updates the Ace editor iconset with material icons from Visual Studio Code.

Color schemes

Dark theme interface

  • Polar Jet#2e3440for background$nord0
  • Snowstorm Gray#d8dee9for text$nord4
  • Polar Charcoal#3b4252for interface$nord1
  • Polar Gray#4c566afor interactivity$nord3

Light theme interface

  • Snowstorm Smoke#eceff4for background$nord6
  • Polar Gray#4c566afor text$nord3
  • Snowstorm Gray#d8dee9for interface$nord4
  • Slate Gray#c5ced9for interactivity$wds-color-slate-gray

Syntax highlighting (dark theme)

  • Slate Gray*#657b83for comments$wds-color-slate-gray
  • Frost Azure*#6ca1c1for functions$nord9
  • Aurora Green#a3be8cfor strings$nord14
  • Frost Teal*#76a9a0for symbols$nord07
  • Aurora Purple*#a78ea2for numbers$nord15
  • Frost Aqua*#88b3b3for keywords$nord08
  • Aurora Red#bf616afor regular expression$nord11

Syntax highlighting (light theme)

  • Frost Cerulean#5e81acfor functions$nord10
  • Aurora Green*#6c894dfor strings$nord14
  • Frost Teal*#378172for symbols$nord07
  • Aurora Purple*#8e5783for numbers$nord15
  • Frost Aqua*#359797for keywords$nord08
  • Aurora Red#bf616afor regular expression$nord11



March 25, 2018 (v0.9.0)
MACH-59330: Published on Fandom Developers Wiki.
March 26, 2018 (v0.9.1 - v0.9.3)
MACH-59330: Regexp color syntax highlighting, preview support, versioning.
Americhino: Added support for <syntaxhighlight> code blocks.
March 27, 2018 (v0.9.4)
MACH-59330: Amend closing brace in CSS at-rules.
March 29, 2018 (v0.9.5)
MACH-59330: Color scheme support for HTML and XML.
March 30, 2018
MACH-59330: Unbolding HTML5 tag names.
March 31, 2018 (v0.9.5 - v0.9.8)
MACH-59330: Lua syntax highlighting support.
April 1, 2018 (v0.9.8 - v1.0.0) [STABLE]
MACH-59330: Further Lua fixes; recoloring HTML, XML, Lua code blocks.
April 2, 2018 (v1.0.1)
MACH-59330: Apply string color to empty @at-rule.
April 11, 2018 (v1.0.2)
MACH-59330: Fix issues with regex colors and bold css properties.
April 29, 2018 (v1.0.3 - v1.0.5)
MACH-59330: Recolor indent guide; update UI interaction color; CSSDoc comments.
May 22, 2018 (v1.0.6 - v1.1.1)
MACH-59330: Light theme color scheme added, styling for preformatted tag scrollbars.
May 23, 2018 (v1.1.2 - v1.1.4)
MACH-59330: Contrast adjustments for light theme syntax highlighting.
June 10, 2018 (v1.1.5)
MACH-59330: Fix for Lua multi-line comments.


  • Nord normalizes most, but not all, differences between GeSHi and Ace syntax highlighting.
  • There are CSS .class selector bugs in Fandom's syntax highlighter that also apply to Nord.
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