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OldLegacyCommentDesign - стиль, который делает дизайн комментариев, стен обсуждений и блогов на UCP похожим на дизайн на старой платформе. Стиль также полностью совместим с тёмной темой.


Ограничения и исправления[]


  • Avatar in comment, message wall and blog can not be modified to become a square like legacy design.
  • Username and timestamp in comment can not be moved under the speech bubble.
  • Border in triangle next to speech bubble in comment may be moved randomly which makes some other borders disappear.
  • There is no border to separate each message in message wall.
  • The background color in "Share your thought" in message wall does not have the same width as the one in "Add a title".
  • In Blog:Recent posts, blog title can not be moved upon the top, next to the avatar. Username and timestamp also can not be moved under blog title like legacy design.
  • Due to the new change of Fandom's UCP, legacy design for Forum can not be modified completely and can not be applied into Discussions.


  • Username in comment has a bigger padding at the left side to avoid touching the border in speech bubble.
  • Comment bubble which display number counter in Article comments and Blogs has the same style and serves the same color scheme in legacy design. Hovever, there is no "Comments" text at the left side, no rectangle button, only comment bubble but bigger.
  • Button "VIEW MORE REPLIES" and area "Write a reply" in comment and message wall have a small tweak so that it fits the width of speech bubble in the first comment.
  • Button "Cancel", "Reply" and "Post" use the same form as legacy design, from button width, text style and gradient color. They serve the legacy color in light mode, while they use custom value in dark mode.
  • The stylesheet still serves the legacy color, just in light mode. Besides, some colors have custom value in dark mode to make the contrast from the legacy one.
  • The stylesheet is also applied in Special:UserProfileActivity, since that special page also uses some similar classes in message wall. It also makes each thread easier to look at because of the margin.
  • The stylesheet in Blog:Recent posts serves the same style as legacy design. Button "READ FULL POST" was moved to the left side, all the text has been transformed so that only the first letter is uppercase, and its border has been removed. Speech bubble displaying number uses the same as one in legacy design, but with different stroke size and spacing; however, it still stays the same when opening a specific blog in UCP design.

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