PageRenameAuto-Update can fix page links and transclusions on other pages when not leaving a redirect. This script adds a button in the dropdown on any page (called "Rename & update"), which will redirect to the page renaming form. It is strongly recommended to have a bot flag applied to your user account while using this script, as it has the potential to severely clutter the recent changes list. This script works best when used as a Gadget, but can still be used in personal or wiki-wide Wikia.js regardless.

Note that this script does not rename sub-pages (yet); they will have to be renamed individually.


This is a maintenance script that involves renaming pages. This script is considered semi-automated editing. Do not use this script without first reviewing your wiki's policies regarding automated editing and obtaining necessary approvals and/or user rights. You must have Administrator or Content moderator rights on the wiki you wish to use this on.


Currently, you can change the edit summary that will be displayed in the history when updating links on pages. This option, if specified, must come before your importArticles function. Note that all values specified must be enclosed inside of the quotation marks.

window.PRAoptions = {
    editSummary: 'Updating page links (automatic)'
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