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ParentPageEdit is a script that detects if a page is a subpage of another page and if so, adds two buttons to the edit button list to edit the base page and root page. The base page is one step above the subpage.


In the case of Mario/Appearances, this would be Mario, and in the case of Mario/Appearances/Canon, this would be Appearances. The root page is the highest pages from which all other subpages originate. In both examples, this would be Mario, and it would still be Mario in the theoretical case of Mario/Appearances/Canon/Comics/1-40.



You can change the text of the buttons using the window.window.EditBasePageText and window.EditRootPageText proprties in a JavaScript file. If you have the script imported in that same file, the settings must be above the import, or else it will not work.

window.EditBasePageText = "Test";
window.EditRootPageText = "This is a button";

Replace "Test" and "This is a button" with whatever you desire. Don't forget to submit the JS for review after publishing.

In case you ever need the selectors, you can target them with #edit-basepage and #edit-rootpage.

If you only want to use one of the two buttons, remove one of the two with the following code:

#edit-rootpage {
     display: none;

In the case a wiki has one of the buttons disabled but you want to use said button nonetheless, paste this in your personal common.css page:

#edit-rootpage {
     display: initial;

You can replace #edit-rootpage with #edit-basepage in the above examples.

Text above can be found here (edit)