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PortableListUsers is a powerful alternative to Special:ListUsers. Importing the scripts adds a button to the My Tools menu, which, when clicked, opens a mobile-friendly Modal displaying information about a group of users: helpful links (userpage, talk page, and contribs), when they last edited (and a link to the page it was on), editcount, gender, registration, usergroups, and avatar. The script adds two select elements, one for switching usergroups and another for restricting the data to users with a certain editcount.



This script has 5 customization options, none of which are required, and all of which are under the window.PortableListUsers object.

Name Description Default Type
avatars Whether avatars should be shown in desktop. true Boolean
editcount Default required editcount. '0' String
landing Default usergroup to show. 'sysop' String
storage Whether or not to save your settings to localStorage. false Boolean
time Timestamp display method. 'timeago' String

The editcount value should be either 0, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 for best results. The time value will show time ago by default (or if the value is 'timeago'), UTC if the value is 'utc', and local time if the value equals anything else. An eample usage is shown below:

window.PortableListUsers = {
    avatars: false,
    editcount: '5',
    landing: 'content-moderator',
    storage: true,
    time: 'utc'
Text above can be found here (edit)