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For a script with similar functionality, see UserTags.

ProfileTags is a script that can replace, remove, modify and rearrange the tags on user pages (the "Founder", "Admin", "Blocked", etc. tags that appear next to user's names in their masthead). It allows you to add tags and to rearrange and remove them as desired. You can also invent custom tags which you can award to users for whatever reason you deem appropriate.

This script was created to allow users to add/remove users/tags without having to wait for the JavaScript review to approve the change. All steps of adding this script bypass JavaScript review.



This script will remove all default tags for a user by default. If the default tags should be included, you will need to enable not removing them, see the "Existing tags" section below.

To change a user's tags, simply add them to MediaWiki:ProfileTags. The following will add two tags to Rappy:

Rappy|This is a test, This is the second test

Each user will need to be entered on a new line.

Here's an example with multiple users:

Rappy |This is a test, This is the second test
User 1|Testing tag 1, Example tag 1
User 2|Testing tag 2, Example tag 2
User 3|Testing tag 3, Example tag 3
User 4|Testing tag 4, Example tag 4

Another thing to note is that tabs and spaces are stripped, so you are able to make the code cleaner using tabs and spaces like so:

Rappy                           | This is a test, This is the second test
User 1		| Testing tag 1, Example tag 1
User 2		| Testing tag 2, Example tag 2
User 3		| Testing tag 3, Example tag 3
User 4		| Testing tag 4, Example tag 4

Due to the way that the tags are extracted, any lines that don't start with a username are ignored. Therefore, comments and newlines can be added if desired:

# Administrators
Rappy      | Testing tag 1, Example tag 1

// Bureaucrats
User 1 | Bureaucrat
User 2 | Bureaucrat

In the above example # and // have been used to denote comments, but in reality these can be omitted if desired. They're included simply to make it more obvious that they're comments rather than incorrect configuration.

Tags can also be made into links using wikitext-style syntax, however the links MUST have a pipe.

  • Example that WORKS:
Rappy      | [[Project:Administrators|Admin]]
  • Example that does NOT work:
Rappy      | [[Project:Administrators]]

Existing tags

By default, all existing header tags will be removed. This can be disabled by adding the following to your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js:

// prevents existing tags from being hidden
( = || {}).profileTags = { noHideTags: true };

or by adding this on its own line to your wiki's MediaWiki:ProfileTags:


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