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QuickIW is a script that allows to add interlanguage links easily and quickly. To use the script, go to the three dot menu next to the Edit/Edit source button, and search for the Interwiki option, which will open the menu.



This script makes an edit to the page to add the interlanguage link. When opened, it has 3 labels that allow users to define which page they want to add as an interwiki.

This is the language code of the target/destination wiki.
You have to add it using the language code (es for spanish, de for german, en for english, pt for portuguese, etc.).
This is the page name on the target/destination wiki that will be added as an interwiki link.
By default it is the page name on the wiki this is script is being used on.
This is the summary that will be used for the page edit.
By default it is "Added interwiki ([[w:c:dev:QuickIW|script]])".

Text above can be found here (edit)