QuickLogs replaces links to log pages on Special:Contributions with pseudo-links that display the logs in a container on the page itself. The links are:

Additionally, if the user has the needed rights, these links will be included as well:

Links that lead to a specific page (for instance, user rights management) will be striked through for differentiating from pseudo-links.


A demo of this script can be seen at Special:Contributions/Wikia.


QuickLogs also provides bindings you can use to add your own buttons to the toolbar. It fires MediaWiki hooks on state changes (QuickLogs.loaded and QuickLogs.render) for calling code if and when QuickLogs is available or has rendered. Here is an example of how to add a link to the end of the list:

mw.hook('QuickLogs.loaded').add(function(ql) {
    // Remove any buttons that were previously added by the script
    ql.addLink('yourScript', {
        message: 'Hello, world!',
        click: handler, // (optional) you can also set an href field
        check: checkerFunction, // (optional) function that decides whether the link should appear, should return a boolean
        attr: { // (optional) attributes for your link element
            id: 'yourScript-link'

You can also add custom regular logs by setting the script name as the log type and either the by and title parameters. The third argument to the function can specify the index at which the link will be added:

mw.hook('QuickLogs.loaded').add(function(ql) {
    ql.addLink('useravatar', {
        message: 'avatar log',
        by: ql.user
    }, 4);


August 03, 2018
I18n and script integration.
September 17, 2015
Initial release.
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