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QuickManagement is a script that adds a link in Contribs to quickly manage user rights, block and delete contributions. The tool allows you to delete all contributions from a specific one.



This script opens a dialog modal when you click on the "Quick Management" button in user contributions.

  • A delete button : Allows you to delete pages(pages, threads and revoke in pages) from the checkbox that you have checked (excluded). If no checkbox is checked, the button will be removed.
  • A block button : Allows you to block the user after submitting a reason and a duration.
  • A user-rights button : Leads you to another dialog modal with checkboxes to manage user rights.


  • All the groups that you can't edit will be disabled.
  • Custom groups are not supported.


If you want to delete some contributions only, check the last "good" edit like this :


Then, click on the Quick Management link and click on "Delete all contribs from here". Then, all the contribs in the yellow rectangle will be deleted.

Known issues

  • None.


  • 5/08/2014 : Script added.
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