Quotes allows to use custom quote button to quote replies without overwriting current reply text. Works on: article comments, blogs, forum threads, message wall threads.


The script adds "Quote" button to replies. Also, floating button will appear on selected text.


Available via window.nQuoteSettings.

Option Value Description
debug false debug mode, verbose output; respects ?debug=1
lang wgUserLanguage || wgContentLanguage language; respects ?uselang parameter
articleCommentFeature true enables quotation for article comments
quoteStyle '' additional quote styles
qsButtonClass 'nquoteClass' class of static "quote" button
qfButtonStyle 'display:none; position:absolute; z-index:999;' floating button style
qfButtonName 'nquoteFloatingButton' floating button name (id)
qfButtonHideInterval 3000 interval to hide floating button, ms; 0 - keep it forever
rNamespace '.nRemovable' namespace of removable events
minSelectionLength 3 minimal selection length, if lesser then full message will be marked for quotation
minSelection4Float 1 minimal selection length to show floating button; keep it lesser than minSelectionLength
usernameAsLink true is username a link (with ending extra space) or plain text
staticButtonOverpass true do not use static reply button; always false for mobile clients
useQuoteTemplate false use template to make quotes (see Template section)
quoteTemplateName 'nquote' quote template name
doNotName 'njustno' disabling cookie name; if the cookie is true then script will do nothing
doNotValue false disable script to run; use it to prevent the script execution in case of cookie unavailable
qchkName 'nQChkBox' "quotation" checkbox id
qchkClass 'nQChkC' "quotation" checkbox class
qchkStyle '' "quotation" checkbox style
namespaces [] additional namespaces (ids) to work on


If useQuoteTemplate parameter is set, then the script will use template quoteTemplateName (by default: nquote) to create quotes. Following parameters will be sent to the template:

  • username: username. If usernameAsLink parameter is set (by default, it is), then it will be [[user:username|username]], otherwise just username as a plain text.
  • msgid: quoted message id; format: [[msgid|msgid]].
  • quote: quote text.
  • style: quoteStyle value.


If useQuoteTemplate parameter is not set, then the script will use following classes:

  • aquote-user: username.
  • aquote-msgid: quoted message id; comes with inline style: "float:right".
  • aquote-msg: quote text.


Free for all, if you are lucky to find where (do search for var nTranslations). Values: quote: "quote" button text; check: checkbox text.


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