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RecentChangesMultiple is designed for monitoring multiple wikis at once, giving one central location to view all the edits. While this script is designed to emulate standard RecentChanges as close as possible, there are many subtle differences (see Notes below).

This tool is designed primarily with Fandom wikis in mind, but should work for many wikis by default, and has some settings to handle special cases for certain non-Fandom wikis (such as "&scriptdir=" below). When adding non-Fandom wikis, it's important to note that this script is designed for MediaWiki wikis, and requires the Mediawiki API to be enabled on a wiki to run.

Translations / bugs can be posted on the talk page (but also make sure to message me so I don't miss it).

This script can be found on Github, along with a changelog as of V1.2.0.


HTTPSが有効になっている英語版のwikia/ドメイン移行済wikiでこのスクリプトを実行すると、HTTPSがないWikiのコンテンツをロードできなくなります。 This is a security feature enabled by the browser. Currently this can cause issues even between Fandom/wikia wikis as non-English wikias do not use the HTTPS protocol while English wikis do (if enabled in user settings), and all fandom wikis do use HTTPS. This issue can currently be worked around by running this script on a non-English wikia that doesn't use HTTPS.

If you are having HTTPS loading issues running the script on a wiki, try changing any wiki links in your list to, assuming they have been converted already. If they haven't been converted yet, you'll either need to run the script on a wiki using HTTP, or remove the wiki from the list until it's moved to Sorry for any inconvience this may cause.

Once HTTPS is enabled across all wikia/Fandom wikis this issue will be fixed for Fandom monitoring.

This issue will still effect some external wikis however that will continue to run without HTTPS. For now this can be bypassed like mentioned above, but once HTTPS is enabled on all Fandom wikis, these wikis will no longer be able to be loaded until they update to the HTTPS protocol.


Basic Usage

All that's truly need after the script is installed is a div with the "rc-content-multiple" class and a bullet list with the link of the wiki's domain (the div will need to be added via source mode). Duplicate entries are ignored. Example:

<div class="rc-content-multiple">
* &bgcolor=green

Basic Features

While not part of Special:RecentChanges, these are some additional features included by default.

  • AjaxRC: Inspired by AjaxRC, an "auto-refresh" option is available, that when ticked will cause the list to be refreshed every 60 seconds. A cookie is used to store the setting of the checkbox once clicked.
    • Upon activating, you'll be prompted to activate HTML5 notifications (optional), which will inform you of updates when you navigate away from the window/tab. To disable them after enabling them, click the gear icon on a notification.
  • RecentChangesMultiple AjaxDiff icon.png AjaxDiff: Inspired by AjaxDiff / LastEdited, you can view the "diff" of a change without changing pages, by hitting the icon to the right of the "diff"/"prev"/"changes" link.
  • RecentChangesMultiple AjaxGallery icon.png AjaxGallery: By clicking the photo icon next to files changes (be it upload log or file page edit), you can preview the image it's related to. For grouped upload logs, you may preview a gallery of all images in the list.
  • RecentChangesMultiple AjaxPagePreview icon.png AjaxPagePreview: Allows you to view the page without leaving your current page.
    • Note: This feature is fairly unpolished. Multiple CSS and JS files are not run on the preview. Thus the preview only uses the CSS from the current wiki to display pages. On browsers that support editing the shadow dom (Chrome as of writing this) or scoped styles (Firefox) some custom css from the wiki is applied (common.css it seems) as well as some JS is applied (for shadow dom), though still not all. It's still good for viewing comments/walls/board message in most cases, but for article viewing keep in mind the page may appear broken / different than expected.
  • Discussions: Inspired by DiscussionsFeed, you may now see discussions in the script. See below for information on various caveats.
  • Wiki Link Panel: To help facilitate navigation onto a specific wiki on a list, clicking one of the favicons in the "wikis loaded" section at the top of the script/along the left side of the script will give you a list of links to some common pages for that specific wiki, as well as some statistics for that wiki. If the instance only has one wiki, this panel will open by default.
  • Multiple instances: Multiple instances ("containers") may be run on the same page.
    • This includes those within tabbers and tab views.
    • It is possible to have each instance only load 1 wiki, thus allowing a more typical RecentChanges design while still viewing multiple wikis on 1 page. It's also possible to refresh all instances using the rcm-refresh-all feature.
    • Keep in mind however that some of the additional parameters below are only checked on the first instance and effect all those on the page (data-lang, data-hiderail, data-loaddelay, data-timezone).

Additional Parameters

While the above works and that's all that may be needed, there are also many other additional parameters that can be added, in 3 ways: 1 that effects every RCM, 1 that effects every wiki on a specific RCM list, and one that effects a specific wiki.

URL variables

This effects every RCM on the page. Currently the only url variables accepted are those used by a standard RecentChanges page. See more at RC Params below.



These effect every wiki / the script as a whole for a single instance.

Name Expects Default Description
data-params= RC url params - The exact params you would use on Special:RecentChanges, without the "?" after the title (ex: hidemyself=1&days=10&limit=50). See more at RC Params below.
data-hideusers= コンマ区切りのリスト - すべてのWikiで編集を隠したいユーザーのリスト。コンマ(,)で区切ってください。 "User:"を含めないでください。コンマの前後に空白を含めることができます(もし名前に空白またはアンダースコアが(_)ある場合)。
data-timezone= string utc デフォルトでは、このスクリプトはUTCの時刻をリストします。この属性が "local"に設定されている場合、一覧表示される時間はWebブラウザによって決定された現地時間に基づきます。
data-timeformat= string 24 デフォルトでは、このスクリプトは24時間形式で時間を一覧表示します。この属性が "12"に設定されている場合、時間は12時間の午前/午後の形式で表示されます。
data-autorefresh= 0以上の数値 60 スクリプトが自動更新を待機する秒数(自動更新ボックスがチェックされている場合)。更新が完全に終了し、すべての結果が画面に追加された後に時間が開始することに注意してください。
data-autorefresh-evenOnFocus= Boolean true 自動更新が有効になっていると、デフォルトでは、現在ページが開いていてクリック/読み取り中であってもスクリプトが更新されます。これは厄介なことになるので、このオプション( "false"に設定されている場合)は、ページにフォーカスがある場合(最後にクリックしたウィンドウと現在のタブ)にスクリプトが更新されないようにします。
data-notifications-hideusers= コンマ区切りのリスト - 編集時に自動更新通知を表示したくないユーザーのリスト。コンマで区切ってください。"User:"を含めないでください。コンマの前後に空白を含めることができます(名前には空白またはアンダースコアが必要です)。
data-discussions-enabled= Boolean true 各WikiのFandomディスカッションを一覧表示します。無効にするには "false"に設定します(オプションパネルの切り替えはこれをオーバーライドします)。詳しくは 下記を参照してください。
Name Expects Default Description
data-lang= 言語コード 自動設定 これは、スクリプト内のテキストを翻訳するときに使用される言語です。デフォルトでは、このスクリプトはユーザ設定で設定された言語(またはanonの場合はwiki言語)を使用し、サポートされている場合は言語を表示します。サポートされていない場合は"en"(サーバから直接取得されるRCテキストを除く)を表示します。言語がサポートされていないが翻訳に英語を使用したくない場合は、これを2文字の言語コード("fr"、"pl"など)に設定してください。
data-onlyshowusers= コンマ区切りのリスト - If a list of users exists, the script will only show edits by these user(s), hiding all non-specified user edits. "hideusers" (both dataset (above) and wiki-specific (below)) takes precedence. "User:"を含めないでください。コンマの前後に空白を含めることができます(名前には空白またはアンダースコアが必要です)。
data-ajaxlinks= Boolean false Set to "true" to enable. When enabled, various links will behave the same (on click) as their icon counterpart: "diff" and "changes" links will open ajax diffs, and "Upload log" and file names (when not in a log and is the page that was changed) will open the ajax gallary.
data-hiderail= Boolean true By default any page that includes a ".rc-content-multiple" div will have its rail hidden (so it takes up whole page, like normal RC). This parameter is simply a way to reverse this, if desired, when this parameter is equal to "false".
data-autorefresh-enabled= Boolean false If no cookie is present, this controls whether or not the "Auto refresh" feature is enabled by default. Setting it to "true" will enable it by default.
data-loaddelay= 0以上の数値 10 The time (in milliseconds) to wait between loading wikis. Only time this is needed to be increased is when loading a large number of wikis (100+) to avoid load limit and being blocked temporarily.
data-extraLoadingEnabled= Boolean true 最初の呼び出しですべての情報を取得できるわけではないため(最初の情報が必要になるため)、すべてのコンテンツが画面に追加された後に読み込まれます。これは厳密には必要ないので、これを無効にする方法を提供します(おそらくサーバー呼び出しを制限するか帯域幅を節約するため)。


  • フォーラム/


  • ディスカッションタイトルの表示
  • ブロックとユーザーグループごとのcssクラスを追加
data-localSystemMessages= Boolean true WikiのAPIを含む一部のWikiは、一般のアクセスが制限されています。監視していなくても通常は問題にはなりませんが、このようなWikiでこのスクリプトを実行すると、スクリプトが言語サポートのために使用しているシステムメッセージにアクセスできなくなります。これを "false"に設定すると、代わりにCommunity Centralからシステムメッセージを取得します。スクリプトを英語で実行する場合、これは必要ありません。Wikiのシステムメッセージはパーソナライズすることができ、ローカルのものを使用することでスクリプトがそれらを使用することを可能にするので、これはデフォルトで作動しています。

datasets go directly inside the div, like so:

<div class="rc-content-multiple" data-params="hidemyself=1&days=10&limit=50" data-hideusers="TestUser,My awesome username,ILikePIE">
*list of wikis

On List Items

Every item on the list must start with the wiki's base url, in the format "" (or, or "" (or other top level domain if the wiki doesn't have "fandom"/"wikia" in it).

These allow you to customize a specific wiki's results, instead of requiring every wiki listed to use the same options.

Each list item may have parameters added to add additional functionality for how that wiki is displayed / loaded. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Adding &paramname= after the url. ex: &bgcolor=green
  • Adding a sub list below the entry (with or without a "&" in front of param name). ex:
Name Expects Default Description
&params= RC url params - Same as data-params, except "&"s must be turned into commas (","), and "="s into colons (":"). See also RC Params below.
&hideusers= Comma separated list - Much like the "data-hideusers=" above, this accepts a comma-separated list of users, but instead they are only hidden for the specified wiki. Do not include "User:".
&onlyshowusers= Comma separated list - Much like the "data-onlyshowusers=" above, this accepts a comma-separated list of users, but instead it only triggers for the specified wiki. Do not include "User:".
&notifications_hideusers= Comma separated list - Much like the "data-notifications-hideusers=" above, this accepts a comma-separated list of users, but instead it only triggers for the specified wiki. Do not include "User:".
&notifications_enabled= Boolean true Set to "false" to prevent edits on this wiki from sending out notifications. Note: if you wish to disable notifications for the whole script, don't use script settings; instead use your native browser way to disable notifications you accepted (usually click the gear icon on a notification that pops up).
Special cases for properly displaying wikis
&scriptdir= text - (for non-Fandom wikis) The sub-directory of the wiki scripts should access for the api. Ending "/" should not be included. By default the script checks the root of the domain (as this is how it is on Fandom), but for some wikis it may be something else (popular directories are "/w" and "/wiki"). An easy way to find a wiki's api directory is to enter "console.log(mw.config.get("wgScriptPath"));" in your browser's console on that respective wiki. Or for newer wikis, go to Special:Version and select "Script path" under the "Entry point URLs" section.
&username= text - これはFandom以外のWikiにのみ"必要"です。. 外部のユーザ名は知られていないので、これはあなたがWikiのためにそれを指定することを可能にします。これにより、「自分の編集を隠す」が機能し、(「ブロック」リンクなどを表示するための)ユーザー権限が検出されます。これらの機能を気にしないのであれば、これは省くことができます。表示先がFandom Wikiの場合、現在ログインしているユーザーをチェックするので、これは必須ではありません。(あなたが別のFandom Wikiのために別のアカウントを持っているなら、これが使われるかもしれませんが、そうなると多分ブロックされるでしょう)。
&favicon= URL (without https://) - Wikiに使用されているfaviconを指定されたものに置き換えます。 Simply include the full url without the "https://". faviconの設定がないWiki、またはそのWikiのfaviconがリストにある他のWikiとあまりにも似ている場合を対象としています。
&bgcolor= CSS background - If set, the RecentChanges for this wiki will show this background color behind them (instead of the favicon tiled). Any valid CSS "background" value will work (even none, rgb(), or url()). It is also possible to tweak other values by chaining CSS (ex: &bgcolor=orange;opacity:0.5). bgcolor opacity is 0.1 by default.
<div class="rc-content-multiple">
* &hideusers=Fewfre,FewBot
* &scriptdir=wiki&params=hidemyself:1,limit:5

Options Panel

Offers a way to tweak "data-params=" options in real-time. The options panel does have a setting to remember the options you changed via localStorage (off by default). Any options changed before turning this feature on will also be remembered. Clicking this off again will remove the info from storage. One of the above methods should be used if you want the change to persist on a different computer / without using localStorage. The options panel also allows a way to toggle Fandom Discussions on/off.

Due to these options changing display requirements, all current changes listed on the page will be cleared and then refreshed.

RC Params

To help emulate Special:RecentChanges as much as possible, this script accepts RC-style url params (used as explained above with "data-params", "&params", URL variables, or the options panel). There are multiple params, as explained below. Please note that these effect each wiki individually (so a limit of 50 for 4 wikis is actually a limit of 200 total).

There are a few ways to specify params in the script. If more than one is specified, they will "fall through", with the more specific one overwriting the less specific one (ex: "&params" is more specific than "data-params"), but only if they both change the same thing (such as "days"). The order of specificity is as such:

  1. [Default values]
  2. User settings - uses the 4 settings under "Special:Preferences > Under the Hood > Recent changes"
  3. URL variables – same as a normal RecentChanges page.
  4. data-params
  5. Options panel (run-time options)
  6. &params (note that the "options panel" will not overwrite these)

Note that for "true/false" boolean switches, "0" is false, and "1" is true.

Available parameters
Param Default Description
limit 50 This can be any whole number between 0-500. (may be less depending on "days")
days 7 Number of days. (may be less depending on "limit")
hideminor 0
Hides edits that were marked as "minor"
hidebots 1
Hides edits done by a bot
hideanons 0
Hides edits done by anonymous users.
hideliu 0
Hides edits done by logged-in users.
hidemyself 0
Hides edits done by the account you are logged in as. Note: "hide-users=" will override this (even when using options panel). Also note that external wikis require the use of "&username=" (see above) for this to work.
hideenhanced 0
Doesn't show group edits, instead showing each edit in the order they were done. Note: Isn't supported on a wiki-per-wiki basis (all or nothing).
hidelogs 0
Hides logs.
namespace none By default, all namespaces are shown. Shown namespaces can be limited by adding the namespace number to be shown. If more than one namespace is to be shown, the namespaces must be separated with a "|" and no spaces (ex: 1|10|2001 to only show Talk, Template, and Board Threads)
Unsupported Parameters
from, invert, associated, tagfilter, hidewikidata, and any others not listed.
Feel free to request support for an unsupported param to be added if you need it; all should be more or less possible.

Extra Features

Refresh All

  • If using multiple instances on the same page, they can all be refreshed at once by giving the "rcm-refresh-all" class to an element on the page. ex:
<span class="rcm-refresh-all button">Refresh All</span>

CSS Styling

This script uses as many default RecentChanges classes as possible to allow styling to be consistent. Most RCM-specific features also use class names to allow for customization. Some useful classes are:

  • .rc-entry-$1 surrounds an entire entry / entry group, with $1 being the url domain with dots as dashes (ex: "dev-fandom-com"). By default this is used to style ".rcm-tiled-favicon", but it can be used to customize any data different based on it's wiki.
  • .rc-entry-ns-$1 surrounds an entire entry / entry group, with $1 being the number of a namespace (ex: 0 for mainspace, 1 for talk, etc).
  • .rcm-favicon-goto-button represents the icon to the left of each entry. Can be used to modify the icon / remove it.

So long as "data-extraLoadingEnabled" is not turned off, user links also have attributes added once the data is fetched. .rcm-userblocked signifies a user is blocked on that wiki, .rcm-usergroup-$1 allows you to customize names based on the user's group (with "$1" being the uniq ID for that group), and .rcm-useranon is added for anonymous users. You can find common group ids here (listed as "group-$1]") and you can find a list of all groups (and the rights that come with them if curious) here; simply change the wiki in the url to see it for your target wiki (if it has a custom group). ex: .rcm-usergroup-content-moderator

There are many other classes (either custom or RecentChanges classes) that can be utilized to customize the script. Best way to find them is to just inspect the element you want to customize and go from there.


In late 2016 Fandom started pushing their discussion system onto new wikis, eventually working towards placing it on all wikis. Edits made inside the discussion area do not show up inside RecentChanges, so support has to be tacked on. This has a few potentially unexpected results:

  • Discussions are turned on by default. It can be toggled off on the option panel, or via the data-discussions-enabled attribute.
  • Not all discussions have titles, so if a title is not present, the first 35 characters of the original post are used to identify it instead.
  • As the title of a thread is not included in the api information returned for a specific post, titles often need to be retrieved separately (using the same second-load mechanic as wall/forum titles; just like those, this feature can be disabled via the data-extraLoadingEnabled attribute).
  • Many options do not affect discussions. Some that do work are: hidemyself, hideusers, onlyshowusers, limit & days (see below for specifics).
    • Limit - only goes up to 50. Having a limit less than 50 will work.
    • hidemyself / hideusers - will affect the max number of discussions you see (since these are removed from the loaded list).
  • These changes are loaded in addition to normal changes. If a limit is set to less than or equal to 50, this can possibly double the results displayed for that wiki.
  • Discussions are only checked for on Fandom wikis (as they are Fandom-specific). However, the first time a script loads changes it needs to check all wikis to see if they exist. If they return a 404, an attempt to load that specific wiki will not happen again.
  • Since the api returns avatars and vote totals, this information is included as well. They can be removed with custom css using the .rcm-avatar and .rcm-upvotes classes respectively.
  • Due to how the API works, edits to posts are not shown as a separate change. Instead the post will simply appear higher up on the list (if it's creation date is still within the top 50). One possible unexpected side-effect this has is that if someone edits a post the day after they created it, it won't show up under both days.



  1. スクリプトテキスト (コード中の"TEXT") – 手作業で更新する必要がある他のスクリプトのような通常の翻訳のもの。
  2. 最近の更新テキスト (コード中の"MESSAGES") – これは、通常Special:RecentChangesにあるテキストをサーバーからロードすることによって自動的に行われます。 Fandomで通常サポートされている言語はすべて、このタイプの翻訳ではこのスクリプトでサポートされているはずです。

翻訳用のjsファイルはGithubにあります。また、翻訳はtalkページまたはこちらに投稿することができます。最初の "TEXT"セクションのみを翻訳し、"MESSAGES"は翻訳しないでください。



See the changelog for detailed changes, or the history pages for each script (/code.js for V1.0.3 and prior, /code.2.js for V1.1.7 and prior, and /core.js for current).

  • 14 February 2015 – Alpha finished (followed by break).
  • 22-27 May 2015 – Beta finished.
  • 28 June 2015 – Script published.
  • V1.1.0 – 26 July 2015 – Rewrite to use MediaWiki API (see below).
  • V1.2.0 – 12 December 2015 – Script now uses a loader to load in script.
  • V2.0 - 29 October 2016 - Script rewritten in TypeScript.
  • V2.6 - 28 January 2017 - Refreshing now only fetches and adds new items, instead of fetching and re-adding all changes. Should allow better use of large fetch limits.

26 July 2015 – MediaWiki API rewrite – V1.1.0

Show Details

The main purposes of this rewrite were to:

  1. Add automatic translation support for RecentChanges text.
  2. Remove YQL dependency (info taken directly from wiki via API). Also results in faster loading.
  3. Using API support, add more Special:RecentChanges support (minor edits marked, more control on content ("days", "limit", "showbots", etc.)).
  4. Rewrite code to be a bit more efficient.
  • Important notes:
    • "&subdir" removed, and "&scriptdir" added (may be necessary for non-Fandom wikis, see above). ex: &scriptdir=w/
    • "data-params" now offers much more support. "days" and "limit" now work up to same amount as normal for each wiki on the list. As such this should be limited to a few days / a lower limit to avoid loading potentially thousands of changes. Individual wikis can have these limits modified using "&params"
  • Changes:
    • Changed translating to use the exact i18n info from Fandom's github for RC_TEXT. Loads RC_TEXT from the server based on your language.
    • Boards/walls now also check for [ restore, delete, remove ] for "replies" instead of assuming it's the actual thread.
    • All (normal) RecentChanges params supported, except "hideenhanced", "from", and viewing a select namespace.
    • Bot edits can now be shown (off by default), and "minor" edits are now marked.
    • gApp instance turned into the RecentChangesMultiple class (to potentially run multiple for whatever reason, plus I prefer "traditional" OO class structures)
      • As such, #rc-content-multiple id should now be a .rc-content-multiple class to allow for multiple instances (although using ids is still supported)
    • Additional Special:RecentChanges CSS classes used.
    • Rewrote RC / RCList objects (to bring a little more inline with how it's structured in MW system)
    • New "WikiData" class for storing wiki-specific data in a more understandable way, while also providing helper methods


  • 存在しないページの「赤いリンク」は、ほとんどのログには表示されません。この情報は各ページごとに個別に取得する必要があるためです。赤で表示されているものは、デフォルトでその方法で取得されました。
  • 現時点ではパトロールはサポートされていません。これは、許可されていないとパトロール情報にアクセスできないようにするmediawikiのセキュリティによるものです(許可されていないのに試行するとスクリプトが大幅に破られます)。権利が存在していても、ログインが必要なWikiではクロスドメイン(ブラウザセキュリティ)経由で利用できないため、情報にアクセスできません。
  • ログ:
    • ログは、「まれな」ケース(スタッフのみのアクションおよびまれな内線のみのアクションなど)で奇妙なことをする可能性があります。これらのサポートは追加することができますが、それぞれはタイプごとに(そして時にはそれぞれの特定のアクションごとに)手動でチェックする必要があるので、デフォルトでは入っていません。
    • (権利ログ) – 権利は、ユーザーグループの翻訳ではなく、それらの "id"を使用して一覧表示されます。だからそれは "sysop"のようなものになるでしょう。すべてのWikiに同じグループがあるわけではないので、各Wikiから翻訳を入手することは、価値がある以上に負担がかかります。
  • このスクリプトはサーバーからRecentChangesの翻訳を直接取得します。そのため、Fandom以外のWikiを使用すると、翻訳が異なる可能性があります。読み込みに失敗した場合、デフォルトの英語のテキストになります。


  • "http://"はそれが自動的にリンクになるのを避けるために使われるべきではなく(扱いにくくなります)、Special:LinkSearchには外部リンクのあるページとして現れます(望ましくないかもしれません)。
  • FandomのWiki用に設計されていますが、どのWikiでも機能するはずです(それが古すぎないことを前提として)。
  • Fandom以外のWikiの中には、それらがどのように設定されているか(MediaWikiのバージョンが古い、APIが無効になっている、など)で、単に動作しないように見えるものもあります。
  • スクリプトはcode.2.jsを使用して実行する必要があります。もうサポートされていませんが、オリジナルのアトムフィードバージョンはcode.jsで見つけることができ、それに関するドキュメントはここにあります。


  • Jquery
  • 起動先のWikiは・・・:
    • Mediawiki(Version 1.16+)であること
    • Mediawiki Apiが使えること
  • ECMAScript 5のさまざまな側面をサポートするブラウザであること(最新のブラウザであれば基本的に問題ありません)。
  • 起動元はFandomのWikiであること(リストを折りたたむためのコードのようなものに確実にアクセスできるようにするため)