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RelatedDiscussionsModule moves the 'Related Discussions' feature of the forum to the rail - making the discussions module more visible without having it get in the way of content.



7 April 2013
Eladkse: Fixed localization issue.
29 January 2013
Eladkse: Reduced font size of module heading to 17px to fix layout issue caused by the global increase of all module heading in the rail to 18px.
3 December 2012
Eladkse: Fixing flaw with Tab view loading multiple discussion sections. Will ask Staff to have this removed.
2 December 2012
Eladkse: Reverting some code. Adding multi-language script.
Lunarity: Fixed implicit dependency on the Chat module existing. It now functions on any wiki with the new Forums, even if Chat is not enabled.
1 December 2012
Eladkse: Removed page title. May restore at some point, but alignment with discussion button wasn't very elegant.
30 November 2012
Eladkse: Initial release. Code likely to change as forums moves out of beta stages.