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This script/stylesheet is for PERSONAL use only!

You are free to install this script/stylesheet for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js, MediaWiki:Common.css, MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.js or MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css), as it would violate Fandom's Terms of Use.
(See the customization policy)

Keep in mind that some scripts will NOT work in the mobile view!

Certain scripts, especially Theming and scripts that majorly affect the interface will look bad on a mobile device. Alongside that, the "bottom toolbar" is also hidden, hindering access to those. If you want me to support a script, head over to the talk page. (Some scripts may be supported. See #Theming scripts/stylesheets support for more info.)

ResponsiveMobile or Responsive FandomDesktop is a stylesheet that optimizes FandomDesktop for mobile and tablet devices. This script is currently in beta, due to large optimizations needed to make FandomDesktop usable/look good on small devices. If you encounter any bugs, report it to the talk page.

Resize the browser to see the effect! (Or, rotate your device to portrait if it's in landscape.)View in desktop mode to see the effect!



Note that you should not combine ResposiveMobile in your imports; Instead, use separate @imports like:

/* Add this near the TOP of your personal CSS, before anything else. */
@import "/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:ResponsiveMobile.css&only=styles";
@import "/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:ResponsiveMobile/wiki-fixes.css&only=styles";

/* Other stylesheets */
@import "something"


This is the core of the stylesheet; without it, the stylesheet will not work. Be sure to import it first before the below!

The base stylesheet contains TopGlobalNav, for the top navigation. You can still use the stylesheet separately; that stylesheet only works on a 600-700px view.

It also imports the editor subpage, which optimizes VE and Source Editor.


This "fixes", aka optimizes the stylesheets of the Official Wikis (CC, Dev, Portability Hub, etc). Note that you must install this separately, for you may have this already implemented in your personal CSS.

Theming scripts/stylesheets support

There are some scripts/stylesheetz that support ResponsiveMobile, but you'll mainly have to add the patches.

Theming scripts that support ResponsiveMobile
Theming scripts that are supported, but need another CSS import


There is one JS import available (optional). It does the following:

  • Combines the Fandom global navigation, and the wiki navigation.
    • Stickies the Global Navigation
    • Removes the wiki navigation
    • Adds a wiki menu, with the wiki tools (wiki local navigation links will be added soon9
  • Adds helper classes: responsivemobile-loaded and responsivemobile-js.

Known issues

  • VisualEditor is buggy. We can't fix that.
  • Widdeeee pages suck. They overflow the content. (aaaaaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh)
  • The image lightbox may or may not work, idk why.
  • Some editing stuff may overflow the page.


The below screenshots are from Help:Template parameters.

Phone view



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