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RevealAnonIP unmasks "A Fandom user" so that their actual IP address can be seen. This works on article/blog comments and on walls.



31 Decemeber, 2021
Sophiedp rewrote the script to work for UCP/UCX.
25 October, 2013
UltimateSupreme added support for Fandom's lazy loading sidebar.
4 February 2013
Lunarity added support for Special:Forum and forum Boards on the new forum.
13 January 2013
Lunarity added support for Special:WikiActivity's paginate feature.
11 December 2012
Lunarity altered the behavior so that it no longer affects walls or threads in the new forums, since they display the IP address automatically anyway.
14 September 2012
Lunarity added RevealAnonIP/usercode.js in order to fix a bug where the script wasn't working properly in global.js, Mathmagician updated this help page.
11 September 2012
Lunarity optimized code a bit, ran through JS Lint, fixed some bugs.
24 August 2012
Mathmagician: Made encapsulation/object-oriented improvements, no feature changes
7 August 2012
Mathmagician: Added fix for WikiaActivityModule per Jens Ingels note on the talk page
6 August 2012
Mathmagician: Added functionality: can optionally restrict this tool to privileged users
2 August 2012
Mathmagician: Integrated some bug fixes / additional functionality
  • Can work together with AjaxRC on Special:WikiActivity
  • Works even on wikis that have changed "A FANDOM user" to say something else
  • Works when clicking pagination links on article/blog comments thanks to Pecoes
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away
Rappy, Monchoman45 et. al. first created this script.
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