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Fandom support for RTL wikis or for RTL user languages is poor, and doesn't even use the out-of-the-box MediaWiki RTL support correctly. This stylesheet atempts to fix some of the issues by overriding a few style declarations. It fits both for sitewide importing on RTL wikis and for personal importing.

Unfortunately, since Fandom change their own CSS pretty often, and also wikis might have their own overrides, the stylesheet itself might cause issues in some cases. However the meaningful improvement seems to be worth it.



The Fandom network contains wikis in various languages, some of them are languages written from right to left (namely Arabic, Hebrew and Persian). Fandom also allows users to choose their preferred language for the site interface, which is separated from the content language of the wiki they're visiting.

Issues related to RTL languages can come in three situations:

  • A user who uses an LTR interface language is visiting an RTL wiki.
  • A user who uses an RTL interface language is visiting an LTR wiki.
  • A user who uses an RTL language is visiting an RTL wiki. This also includes all users who visit RTL wikis without logging-in, since for them the interface language matches by default to the language of the wiki they're visiting.

Each of these situations introduces different issues, and this stylesheet tries to address them all, although it's more focused on RTL wikis.

A few examples of issues addresses by the stylesheet:

  • Broken sliders
  • Off-placed bullets in Table of Contents
  • Incorrect or inconsistent placement of infoboxes
  • Broken background of right (or left) rail (yes, the background color was affected...)
  • Global naviagtion bar being placed in the middle of the page, when viewing desktop skin in mobile Chrome
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