Rollback is a reverse engineered version of the usergroup action, allowing you to rollback pages whether you are in the usergroup or not.

It will not take precedence over conventional rollback if the user already has the permission.


Please report vandal abuse of the script ASAP.

  1. Open the vandal's contributions page, and copy the address bar URL.
  2. Check Special:ListAdmins or Special:ListUsers/sysop on your wiki.
  3. Find the last edit time from a local admin.
    If they last edited yesterday or today,
    Message them about the vandal.
    Link the vandal's Special:Contributions page in your message.
    If there hasn't been admin edits today or yesterday,
    Fill in the Vandalism report form at VSTF Wiki.

Wikis may not allow the usage of this script. If you are an administrator on a wiki and want to disable the script, you may attempt to prevent users rollbacking without having the rollback userright.

This could be achieved by:

  • creating an abuse filter which checks if the user is in a corresponding group with the right (e.g. rollback, sysop, VSTF) when an edit summary is "Reverted edits by"
  • setting window.RollbackWikiDisable to true in your wiki's JS

Change log (version 1)

11 August 2017
  • Force edits to be marked as minor
10 August 2017
  • Fix long term bug where it will simply change the last author the page, not the user who the rollback link belongs to
  • Added i18n
16 September 2016
  • Shorter summary available for users with long names
27 August 2016
  • Remove rollback link after clicking
27 March 2016
  • Contributions fixed
  • More accurate placement
12 March 2016
  • Fix API caching, slight summary improvement
10 March 2016
  • Initial release

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