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You are free to install this script for yourself, but it is not allowed to be used wiki-wide (e.g., in MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Wikia.js), as it would violate Fandom's Terms of Use.
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SkinSwitch is a script which appends a "Switch Skin" button in the My Tools menu on user toolbar to allow switching between the default and custom skins by defining skins option.

How it works

The script imports one or more CSS stylesheets as a skin. You can specify more than one skin in the skin page and the script will generate corresponding options to the Switch Skin button in My Tools menu. Selecting a skin will immediately switch your skin, and your choice will be remembered on the next page load.



The script has 3 customizable options under window.SS object, with skins is required for the script to work. Note that customization must be added before the import script statement.

Name Description Default
skins Skin configurations (see below)
buttonText Text for toolbar button. Switch Skin
defaultText Text for default skin. Default

Skin configurations

Define skins option

For the script to work, skins must be defined with the following format:

window.SS = {
   skins: [
      '<skin_name> = <stylesheet>',
      '<skin_name> = <stylesheet>|<stylesheet>|...'

Note the pipe (|) used between stylesheets to import multiple stylesheets to one skin.

window.SS = {
   skins: [
      'PseudoMonobook = u:dev:MediaWiki:PseudoMonobook.css',
      'Modernization = u:dev:MediaWiki:FandomizedActivityFeed.css|u:dev:MediaWiki:ModernPolls.css',
      'FEWIKI Light theme = u:fireemblem:MediaWiki:Light_theme.css'

Create skin page [Deprecated]

An alternative skin configuration is to create your skin page and insert custom skins in the following format:

<skin_name> = <stylesheet>
<skin_name> = <stylesheet>|<stylesheet>|...

However, this method has been proven to be slow-loading, and only available in local scope which requires users to create the skin page on every wiki they want to use the script on.


I18n is available at MediaWiki:Custom-SkinSwitch/i18n.json. However, if you want to override the translations on your wiki, you can customize the options as below:

window.SS = {
   buttonText: 'Switch Skin',
   defaultText: 'Default'
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