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Live example of SnowStorm with these custom settings:

window.snowStorm = { 
	flakesMax: 100,
	flakesMaxActive: 75,
	animationInterval: 35,
	excludeMobile: true,
	flakeBottom: false,
	followMouse: false,
	snowColor: '#fff',
	snowCharacter: '&bull,',
	snowStick: false,
	useMeltEffect: false,
	useTwinkleEffect: false,
	usePositionFixed: true,
	freezeOnBlur: false,
	windOffset: 1,
	windMultiplier: 1,
	flakeTypes: 6,
	vMaxX: 4,
	vMaxY: 3,

Background color was changed to make the snow more visible, however the script does not alter the background.