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Sofix fixes various bugs on Fandom.



The only option this script currently has is enablePersonalUse to enable fixes that would violate the customization policy if done via wiki JS. This option may only be enabled in PERSONAL JS, do not enable it in your wiki's JS.

window.Sofix = {
    enablePersonalUse: true


Name Description Author(s)
FixPhalanxBlockLinks Fixes local block links showing up if user is globally blocked instead. Sophie
ProfileAkaFix Fixes the "aka" text in profiles being unaligned with the rest of the line. Sophie
DiffMoveParam Removes the black circles around the "moved" indicators in diffs when selecting the text. .krowl25
UserProfileActivityTitle Adds tab title for social activity pages. Sophie
UserpageEditingWidth Makes masthead and editor look to be the same width when editing userpages. Sophie
FixGoSearch Makes Go Search work from Chrome's Omnibox again. Sophie
RemoveExtraTOCIcons Stops extra TOC icons from showing in the TOC when wikipage.content is fired. Sophie
FixRailUncollapsing Fixes the rail modules (maybe just the JSRT module?) from overflowing the rail when the rail is expanding. Joritochip
FixStaffSigImage Fixes an issue where the Fandom logo in some staff signatures would not adapt to the selected theme. Joritochip
ThemeEditingMastheadAvatar Fixes the avatar border and edit button being unthemed when editing your masthead. Sophie
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