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Note: parts of or the entire template might not be visible without values provided.


{{Infobox JavaScript
| Description = 
| Author = 
| Updated = 
| Code = 
| Languages = {{l|en}}

Full version

{{Infobox JavaScript
| Title = 
| Image file = 
| Image caption = 
| Status = 
| Description = 
| Author = 
| Using code by = 
| Other attribution = 
| Scope = 
| Updated = 
| Code = 
| Languages = {{l|en}}
| Examples = 


The template translations are stored at:


Mandatory parameters

Short description of script's purpose.
Author(s) of the script.
Page(s) containing the script's source code.
Supported languages:
  • Auto list - {{language list|source-js=MediaWiki:<SCRIPTNAME>}}
  • I18n-js - auto
  • Manual - {{l|<code1>|<code2>|<...>}}
  • System messages - mw
  • Auto list with custom source (shortcut to Module:Language list) - custom. Requires one of following parameters:
    • source-js - Mediawiki:Script.js
    • source-json - Mediawiki:Custom-Script/i18n.json
    • source-lua - Module:Module
Comma-delimited list of JavaScript item category keys (see #Types).

Optional parameters

Name of script (default: PAGENAME).
Image caption
Caption for image.
Image file
Filename of screenshot (without "File:").
Using code by
When reusing code, name of this code's author(s).
Other attribution
For crediting users that did not author the script nor produce code used in it.
Release status:
  • unstable (broken - do not use this extension)
  • experimental (early stages of development, may change drastically)
  • beta (stable but not fully tested)
  • stable (stable version)
  • unmaintained (unmaintained - previously claimed to be stable, now unmaintained)
  • archive (archived - deprecated or merged with another extension)
  • unknown (default)
The recommended scope of the script, i.e. whether it is for "personal" or "site-wide" use:
p or personal
For Personal use
s or site-wide
For Site-wide use
mw or vanilla mediawiki
For use on vanilla (non-Fandom) MediaWiki installations
Scopes may be additionally combined using / or ,, e.g.: | Scope = p/s/mw or | Scope = personal, site-wide, vanilla mediawiki
Date of last update. ({{Updated|<code page>}} or yyyy-mm-dd, defaults to {{Updated|MediaWiki:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/code.js}})
Other important submodules can be noted with Updatedn, where n is a two-indexed integer (n >= 2).
Name of the first submodule - by default "original" and not present in the Updated field.
Other important submodules can be noted with Submodulen, where n is a two-indexed integer (n >= 2).
These parameters can be substituted into infobox inputs using $n.
For providing links to sites that import/use this code (i.e. [[w:c:wow|WoWWiki]]).


Syntax: | Type = bug fixes, editing

  • user
  • user tools
Category:JavaScript/User tools

Generic user tools, global navigation customizations or personal utilities.

  • management
  • page management
  • file management
Category:JavaScript/Page and file management

Utilities that aid in management of page and file content and metadata.

  • site enhancement
  • site
Category:JavaScript/Site enhancements

Scripts adding new features to a wiki or Fandom product.

  • fixes
  • bug fixes
Category:JavaScript/Bug fixes

Scripts that fix existing bugs in the Fandom ecosystem.

  • integration
  • site integration
Category:JavaScript/Site integration

Scripts that add support for embedding an external platform.

  • editing
  • editing tools
Category:JavaScript/Editing tools

Versatile tools used to improve or automate editing.

user managementCategory:JavaScript/User management

Tools that aid in user management (reversion, blocks etc).

  • talk
  • talk tools
Category:JavaScript/Talk tools

Scripts that enhance talk pages, comments and threads.

  • discussions extensions
  • discussions scripts
  • discussions
Category:Discussions Scripts

Scripts that modify Fandom Discussions.

  • developer
  • developer tools
Category:JavaScript/Developer tools

Scripts that aid in code development.

  • dependencies
  • libraries

Scripts that are designed to be used in other scripts.


Items modernizing the wiki interface.


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