• local LuaInfobox = {}
    local HF = require( "Module:HF" )
    function LuaInfobox.FormatImage( field, vars )
        local imagePath = field.Value
        if HF.isempty( imagePath ) then
            return ""
            local prefix = string.sub( imagePath, 1, 5 ) == "File:" and "File:" or ""
            return "[[" .. prefix .. imagePath .. "]]"
    return LuaInfobox
     | 0:Theme = fluid | 0:CustomModule = Module:Test
     | 1:Type = Title
     | 1:Value = {{{ Name | {{PAGENAME}} }}}
     | 2:Type = MainImage
     | 2:Value = {{{ Image | Infobox_Image.png }}}
     | 2:ValueMethod = FormatImage

    I'm trying to make InfoboxBuilder require Module:Test and to call LuaInfobox.FormatImage method on Template:Infobox, but can't get around to.

    local field = { ["Value"] = "test.png" }
    local vars
    =LuaInfobox.FormatImage( field, vars )

    Entering above in the console throws an error: Error in the console, line 7: attempt to index global 'LuaInfobox' (a nil value).

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    • As a note, your invocation error seems to be more related to passing a null value. I did not get the same error you are reporting.

      However, I strongly suggest that you use Portable Infoboxes rather than Lua InfoboxBuilder, which is no longer supported. Additionally, the function you are building in Lua is native to Portable Infoboxes.

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    • Thank you for the reply. Up until a little while ago I was against using PI, thinking source edit mode was not available in it. (It might be helpful if somebody could add some lines on w:c:portability:Help:PortableInfoboxes about how to switch between Builder and Source mode.) That switch button was lurking in the right bottom corner...

      Why not using PI knowing that I have good control of the markup? Time to give it a taste.

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