• Hi, we can wait until after the New Year to develop this but always nice to lay the groundwork for now.

    Would like having it so a new poll is added randomly on a certain date. The random order is good to go, that was kindly provided in the second post here.

    A timer aspect is just needed. For example, on the Banana Fish Wiki if an Episode 1 poll is on the main page for a week this gives people time to see the poll and view the episode before voting. Longer durations are also better for the cache rather than if the poll change every time someone clicked the page. 

    So one poll up on the main page for a week, and then something would need to be added to that it would randomly change to a different poll for the next week and so on. This saves time manually changing the poll, it would be good to change them often it’s all good fun, random is always interesting and just seems a cool thing to be able to do.

    So far this system is planned for two wikis and there will be about 20 minimum polls for each series so always nice to rotate regularly through them. This system will need to apply for both templates and article pages. The Banana Fish polls are all perfect as templates, they are largely episode ones found in Discussions and are ideal to bring into the wiki proper. Keeping them as templates minimises the risk the sensitive data can be affected since they can be protected and hidden.

    For Seraph of the End, however the polls would be better on article pages. Ideally they would both be a template so that the poll can appear on the main page and user pages but also able to have information written underneath for when people come across them. Having them as templates on Banana Fish and as articles on Seraph of the End makes the wiki’s more distinct and for the latter the pages can be protected. 

    An example is this poll, when changed back to an article page it can have background information on the specific events and references. On the main page, people would just be able to see the poll but finding the poll article itself can provide, for example further information on cursed gear, and a summary of where the event concerning the truck and plane occurred all on one page. 

    This information is both useful for elaborating on the world of Seraph of the End, and what the respective characters within are capable of doing. This way it can cover two areas: having both a fun and series relevant poll and being an informative article in it’s own right complete with references, an encyclopaedic poll if you like! 

    So yes if JS is the means to achieve this random timed poll feature changing on certain dates, it’s a good opportunity to create such a handy and as of now unique feature for at least two wikis for starters. 

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    • u already have explanation why it can't be done on client side. there is explanation why it can't be done on server side: we have no server-side ways to write data. so we just can't store current poll id.

      the only (probably not possible) workaround i see is custom dpl cache (604800 sec).

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    • An explanation why it might not currently be able to be done! Having said that all contributors on that site felt it was already possible whether by JS or by creating a bot. Of course necessity is the mother of invention, hence why something is apt for development or finding other paths to the destination! 

      Thanks for the dpl cache (604800 sec) suggestion though, that's already something to consider. We can look back on this in the future centuries from now and realise how absurdly ludicrous it was to think we couldn't find or create a way! 

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    • You could make a template called Weekly Poll and configure them yourself:

      {{#switch: {{#ifeq: {{#time: W }} | 53 | 1 | {{#time: W }} }}
      | 01 = week 1 template here..
      | 02 = week 2 template here..
      | 03 = week 3 template here..
      | 52 = week 52 template here..
      | #default = stick a generic poll here

      Unless randomizing this poll generator is a key feature. You would need 52 polls to use this method, or it would generate ugly redlinks.

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    • Thanks! Yes that was considered, and the same poll could be used more than once to make up the 52?

      Whilst that was an option, adding the random aspect was central to make a cool new system to change each week for example, randomly choosing a new poll for the next week and so on.

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    • S3r0-Ph1i#3
      Having said that all contributors on that site felt it was already possible whether by JS or by creating a bot.

      they were wrong. all client-side solutions can't secure same random-generated polls for everyone. the only semi-client option is a bot. semi-client, cuz u have to run it on some dedicated server, otherwise the bot will be useless: if u have someone, who can log in and change polls weekly, u don't need a bot.
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    • Guess we have time to create something or find a way to have it so a new poll can appear randomly after the new year. Sure changing the polls manually isn't a problem, just a cool feature to develop where they update randomly of their own accord.

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    • Hi there, was wondering if there had been any developments on this front for the timed random poll order?

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    • A FANDOM user
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