• Is this possible? Let's say I have some site JS that retrieves some data (ex. using api.php). Is there a way to save this data as a file to the local machine? I have tried searching online and it doesn't look like it is possible without additional libraries. Yes, there are data URIs but most places I looked said those aren't a good idea for large sets of data.

    An unrelated but quick question:

    Can you import Lua modules from places other than this wiki and the local module namespace?

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      1. and you need to create a with .href=canvas.toDataURL and .download=imagename, then just do
      2. nope. and, in general case, you should not: imported module might be changed or even deleted at any time. on the dev wiki, all changes in the module will (at least try to very hard) keep backward compatibility.
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      1. I see. So data URI + download attribute is the only way to do it. Not the answer I was hoping for but at least now I know.
      2. Makes sense. I was just wondering because I was curious if you could do personal modules (like how you have personal JS) or import modules from the Templates Wiki.
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    • Andrewds1021#3
      if you could do personal modules

      like Module:Sandbox/Andrewds1021/mypersonalmodule? you will be able to import the module on any wiki.
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    • I didn't think of that. Now that I think about it more though, the idea of personal modules is a bit stupid anyways.

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    • A FANDOM user
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