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    07:12, August 8, 2019

    Is there a script that gives you a notification whenever someone comments on your blog post or when someone replies to your article/blog post comment?

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    • Awesome idea.

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    • I don't think it's possible without changes to Wikia's back-end architecture.

      Currently each reply to a blog post (and each reply to reply) is a completely new article in the Thread space.

      Basically Wikia tried to re-use as much of already-implemented architecture that they could. Given that, I kind of understand why replies to blogs are threads, but it still seems kind of stupid that replies to replies are also threads.

      It would make more sense to me if blogs were essentially Message Walls with a header (the blog post). Then you could follow (via watchlist) it by watching the "wall." But... it's not, so something would have to change.

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    • That would be simply wonderful. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

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    • As much as I agree, please do not necrobump old threads.

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    • Also, as Saftzie said, this is something not easily possible for a Dev script. Even if it existed, it would have to possibly run for hours and clog your internet connection, and it wouldn't work for old comments unless they were watchlisted.

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