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ToDoList adds a button to the toolbar which lets you view the wikitext of your local to do page and also lets you edit it without visiting the page. The modal also contains a link to your to do page.



On default setting, the script reads from and writes to User:<USERNAME>/To do. If you want to change the location the script uses, simply replace your local to do page link with the one in the example below. For example, if you store your to do list on User:SomeFandomUser/my_todo_list, you'd enter this:

window.toDoList = {
    page: 'User:SomeFandomUser/my_todo_list'

Additionally you have the option adjust your modal's size.

The height of the edit area, entered as string with a CSS unit of size. Default: 35em, examples: 20em, 30px.
The width of the modal, entered as number of pixels (just the number, without pixels!) or as string with a CSS unit of size. Default: 400, examples: 420, '50%', '100vw'.

If you import the script in your /global.js but you need to change the to do page for one wiki locally, you can simply add the code below in your /common.js (and change it to your needs) and it will override the global configuration for this wiki.

This is the default configuration:

window.toDoList = {
    page: 'User:<USERNAME>/To do',
    height: '35em',
    width: 400
Text above can be found here (edit)