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TopicBlockLog creates an interwiki block report of individual editors (on Special:Block) from wikis of similar topic, as defined in MediaWiki:Custom-TopicBlockLog-topics.json. This allows local wiki administrators to more easily identify topic raiders on their wiki and respond accordingly.



This script can be configured in two different ways.

In instances, where there's configurations made for both TBL_WIKIS and TBL_GROUP (i.e. personal user defined wiki list conflicting with predefined site-wide topic), TBL_WIKIS takes precedence.

Predefined wikis

Find your wiki's topic in the topic list (or add your own wiki's topic there) and take note of the topic name.

In your wiki's MediaWiki:Common.js, add the following and substitute for your wiki's topic:
(The example below is the entry listed in the topics list for English Roblox wikis.)

TBL_GROUP = "roblox-en";

User defined wikis

A user defined list of wikis may be made under the TBL_WIKIS variable name.

In your global.js or common.js (or MediaWiki:Common.js, if defining it site-wide), make a list of wiki subdomains following the example syntax below:

TBL_WIKIS = [ "community", "dev", "templates" ];

If you are planning to use this for a personal installation, but do not have sufficient privileges to block on the target wiki, you will (to-do) be able to force the script to render by adding TBL_PATROL = true; as a line in your .js pages.

Text above can be found here (edit)