UnifiedControlPanel offers some set of switches to allow quick management over some functions.



Tick the checkbox, then fill the input field, if needed, and click the "Do it" button. The "Cancel" button is available, too.
By default, the script offers following options:

shows raw content of the article
shows rendered content of the article
shows list of contributors of the page
shows history of the page
not meant to be used widely, so don't use it at all
debug mode; not the test one, but usable when you in the actual test mode
turns off all (site and user) custom js/css
turns off corresponding custom js/css
use chosen lang; write the language code into the input box
use chosen skin; at the moment there is only one alternative skin (mercury/wikiamobile), which pre-set by default
show the diff; use text box to set parameters

Also, once the script detects search parameters (stuff that goes after the ? part of the url), it will add the parameters to the form. Do expect some funny results.

Custom actions

UnifiedControlPanel allows to add user-defined actions. Step-by-step instruction will go

  1. create configuration object: (window.fng = window.fng || {}).ucp = window.fng.ucp || {};
  2. fill the "moreactions" array by list of actions:
fng.ucp.moreactions = (fng.ucp.moreactions || []).concat([<action1>, <action2>]);

Action format:

    id: action id
    action: action to perform
    caption: action label
    title: action title
    hasInput: boolean; whether action has an input box
    inputSize: size of the input box
    inputPh: input box placeholder
    inputVal: input box default value

Also, it is possible to override actions via the actions array.

Custom action translations

It is possible to add translations for custom action label and title. The script uses <action id>label and <action id>title as translated values for label and title.

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