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Hey, I am Eizen, the user formerly known as the Count of Howard. I have edited on the Fandom network both anonymously and under a number of accounts since late 2009. These days, I can most frequently be found on the Fandom Developers Wiki, where I have contributed as a Content Moderator/Codeeditor since November 2016. I have also served as a member of the Community Council since February 2017. Feel free to contact me on my test wiki with any questions or concerns you may have.

Last updated on 21/07/2020


Name Code page(s) Status UCP support?
BlinkingTabAlert BlinkingTabAlert.js Sunsetted[1] N/A
BlogLink code.js Pending[2] No
ChatAvatarUserPageLink ChatAvatarUserPageLink.js Deprecated[3] N/A
ChatAwayButton code.js Sunsetted[1] N/A
ChatBinaryButton ChatBinaryButton.js Sunsetted[1] N/A
ChatMessageWallCount ChatMessageWallCount.js Sunsetted[1] N/A
ChatUserPageButton ChatUserPageButton.js Sunsetted[1] N/A
ClassicCommunityCentralTheme chat.css, code.css Deprecated[4] No
ClassicDevWikiTheme code.css Supported Partial[5]
CodeQuickLinks code.js, CodeQuickLinks.css Supported Yes
DarkFandomWikisTheme cccode.css, devcode.css Deprecated[6] No
DifferentSkinEditor code.js Deprecated[7] No
DisableCode code.js Unsupported No
MassCreate code.js Deprecated[8] No
MassEdit code.js Supported Partial[9]
MediaWikiBacklink code.js Supported Yes
NavLinks code.js Deprecated[10] No
PageCreator code2.js, PageCreator.css Supported Yes
PseudoTalkPages code.js Unsupported No
SelectiveDelete code.js Deprecated[11] No
TallyLink code.js Unsupported No
ToolbarLinks code.js Unsupported No
UserAccountAge code2.js Supported Yes
UserActivityTab code.js Supported Yes
UsernameAvailability code.js Unsupported No


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Sunset support offered until Special:Chat is retired
  2. Slated for eventual rewrite and active support
  3. Use WikiaCommunityCentralTheme instead
  4. May require some refactoring once Dev is UCPified to account for minor selector name changes/removals
  5. Use FANSUN instead
  6. Use SkinSwitch or SkinSwitchButton instead
  7. Use MassEdit instead
  8. Pending UCPification of Modal and assorted fixes to messaging functionality
  9. Use AjaxBatchDelete instead
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