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I'm probably here because I either remove vandalism or make contributions to make the wiki better. I’m the head user of translating scripts to Greek/Ελληνικά language but I seldom translate some scripts with small i18n into German as well providing I can proceed that because my German level isn't as big as English level so I can't afford that very much. My Content Mod portion here begins at 3rd July 2018. I'm admin on several Wikis. I'm crat on founded wikis and on Candy Crush Saga Fanon and Farm Heroes Super Saga FANDOMers. My central Wiki can be found here
Maintained or Created Scripts

(Bold ones are created or maintained by me and appear on the very top and Italic ones are deleted)

Cascading Style Sheets
Translated Documentations

Below is a list of all scripts in where Greek documentation was created on my own. The most recent ones are on the top whereas any bolded name means it was translated but the root page was then deleted

Greek-translated Documentations
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