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This user is taking a short wikibreak until June 10th, Thursday.
I'm currently studying in a university. Ping, mention, or write to either my talk page or message wall to notify me about something important, other than that, I would probably ignore it.

"Don't give the developers ideas!"

"We have CSS for years, creating responsive and dynamic websites while keeping HTML and JS at bay, but only now I knew, that we have friggin justify-content to center the damn div's!"


Ello. I make styles and scripts, and many of them is somewhat useless or already exists, or even downright bad. Don't judge me. I also sometimes fix scripts and styles.

To check for CSS errors, I used W3's CSS validator, and many online equivalents.

Things I contribute or made:

Under construction:

Thing I either made or maintain or have a link that directs here:

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