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Hello, I am Nam.

I am active on a few wikis: Keeper of the Lost Cities wiki, Book Obsession wiki (which I am an admin on), Fandom Community Central and others.

In real life I am an adult man, but here on Fandom it's one of my places to be a kid. Everyone needs it, don't you think?

I live in Israel, and english is not my native language, though I'm getting better.

I like reading, especially fantasy books, and I like technical stuff. I like coding in the wiki — I think in the context of just a hobbie I may be considered pretty good with it.

You are welcome to contact me for any purpose, in any way or form (well, maybe except knocking on my door at 2am).


Code I authored

Code I ported to Fandom

Code I significantly contributed to

Code I contributed a little to

Code I helped with the research for