I'm an administrator here. I... haven't yet completely defined my adminship tasks and policy, but feel free to talk to me on my talkpage regarding anything you want on this wiki. Suggestions, reports, questions are all welcome.


These 138 articles link to my userpage, probably meaning that I created these scripts/stylesheets, helped in their creation or rewrote them because they were written in an outdated format.
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You can also find some of my scripts on OpenUserJS and some of my bigger projects on GitHub.

Pull Requests

Pull requests I made to Fandom's code repository:

Pull requestDescriptionStatus
SUS-1199Fixing the link for TabView in Special:VersionMerged
MAIN-9594Fixing broken links in the wiki creation pageClosed
PLATFORM-2353Making FANDOMbot create Template:Extension DPL instead of a random userMerged
MAIN-9681If user has hidden their most visited wikis, don't send them through the API. Partially nullifies the effect of UnhideUserMastheadMerged
SUS-1595Fixes the bug in Special:ChatBanList where contributions links don't link to user contributionsMerged
SUS-1508Limiting the number of results returned by the wkdomains queryClosed
SUS-1886Making image placeholder make a revision with edit summary in content language instead of user language when usedMerged
PLATFORM-2351Make Special:WantedPages, Special:WantedFiles, Special:WantedTemplates and Special:WantedCategories not detect wanted pages on JavaScript/CSS/Lua pagesClosed
MAIN-12541Fix message in HotSpots moduleMerged
MAIN-12557Add missing dependency on jquery.byteLength to mediawiki.Title resourceMerged
PUR-96Fix talkpage/reason link in Content Review moduleMerged
MAIN-13131Fix scaling issue in edit preview when preview button was clicked too fastMerged
MAIN-13170Link to correct page in non-portable infoboxes when page is in format of Template:User:AMerged
MAIN-13171Fix infobox migration tool on sub-subpages (reverted by a more general fix in SUS-3647)Merged
MAIN-15519Fixed name of bot user in new wiki greetingsMerged
MAIN-15543Fix VE error when displaying Phalanx hitMerged
MAIN-15545Fix save button after previewing changes in AceMerged
MAIN-16605AbuseFilter examination not showing moved_to_* variablesMerged
MAIN-16920Parse API: rename and fix disablepp; introduce disabletidyClosed
MAIN-16926Output   instead of &#nbsp; in mw.text.encodeClosed
MAIN-16964Scribunto backportsClosed
MAIN-17184Properly encode infobox titles in RTE infobox selectionMerged
MAIN-17283Fix querying for deleted revisions by userClosed
MAIN-17280Fix undo ban link in chat when ban message contains wikitext linksClosed
MAIN-17298Unify permission checks in UserProfilePageControllerClosed
MAIN-18407Fix "password too short" messageClosed
MAIN-18408Fix typo in API documentation (neweditors -> firstcontributions)Closed
MAIN-13172Allow querying for multiple groups in subpage of Special:ListGlobalUsersClosed
MAIN-15544Fix username in blog subtitle on blogs with slashes in page nameClosed
MAIN-18410Add mediawiki.jqueryMsg to ChatWidget's dependenciesClosed
MAIN-18627Respect $wgScriptPath in the Discussions profile linkClosed
IW-1202Respect $wgScriptPath in various components of EmbeddableDiscussionsClosed
PLATFORM-3930Fix allinone=0 URL parameter on non-English wikisMerged

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Name Rights Joined Status
Undertale Wiki Administrator 04/12/2015 Active
OFF Wiki Administrator 23/01/2016 Semi-active
Kocka Wiki Founder 02/02/2016 Active
Fandom Developers Wiki Administrator 07/03/2016 Active
Community Central - 14/03/2016 Active
Cave Story Wiki Administrator 13/06/2016 Active
Undertale Yellow Wiki Bureaucrat 05/12/2016 Semi-active
OneShot Wiki Bureaucrat 27/06/2017 Active
Heartbound Wiki Administrator 15/10/2017 Active
Deltarune Wiki Administrator 31/10/2018 Active
Wikia Language Brigade - 17/02/2016 Semi-active

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