aka 99ThIsDemon

  • I live in in a Castle, where They do...Worships..
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Worshiper of DemonEmperor→Lelouch vi Britannia.
  • I am Male, +someone Who should've Never, "Existed".
LuvOf99Th's Profile!

WellCome To my Profile:

I'm LuvOf99Th, a SemiActiveReSearcher Here(NotContributor), i'm usually at CodeGeassWikiFandom because I'm an ActiveContributor there,

at Developer'sFandom i uses this Sig: LuvOf99ThTalk♥CO♥

Who Am I?|About Me?|How Am I?


I'm LuvOf99Th, Before you ask, the name is a reference to my favorite AnimeCharacter,Lelouch vi Britannia as he was former Britannian Emperor aka 99th Emperor Of HolyBritannianEmpire from CodeGeass. I'm from Pakistan,Karachi. In world of Entertainment i Love Animes, i started watching animes from when i was  9 yearsold at that time i was unknown about what is an Anime is, after 2-3 years old i found a Website named GoGoAnime, i started watching animes day by day there and this year is my 7th year i'm continuously watching  Animes. The first Anime-Clips i saw that was SwordArtOnline's clip, but as you know we can't watch animes at YouTube so i was Always wanted to find a good AnimeFreeWatchingWebSite,Hah and i finally found one.ByTheWay i Never watched SwordArtOnline named Anime and i think i'll never watch it, Because i thinks i Few Few Hate OR 100%Dislikes all GameTypeAnimes, BUT except one OverLord named Anime, its also my favorite  Anime too. talk of WikiFandoms, i love fandoms in all Websites-Of-Internet! there are many Reasons why i love fandoms like 'We can create beautiful Signatures aka Sigs,We can make beautiful Lines\Boxes\Borders\Etc with Help of CSS\HTML' and etc Reasons thats why i love fandoms. i'm type of person at edition of Sigs\Profiles who Doesn't give Gaps\Space alot,Always TakeCares of Capitalizations aNd usually do alot of 'Editings of CSS' in my Sentences\Profile\Sigs of fandom. Well thats all i can tell sorry i can't tell my real age until You aNd Me becomes Close\Personal Chat friends, ThankYou.

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