aka climbTheStairs

  • I live in that cold country above yours
  • My occupation is necroposting
  • I am a Posadist comrade
  • Bio Hello comrades, welcome to my profile! Here's a bit about me:

    I edit mostly on the Wings of Fire Wiki, the former Warrior Cats Answers Wiki, or mess around with code on my own testing wiki, but you might be able to find me occasionally on some other communities.

    I am interested in these series:

    * LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion (and other Tolkien books)
    * PJO/HoO/ToA
    * Game of Thrones/ASoIaF
    * Wings of Fire
    * Seraphina
    * Ranger's Apprentice
    * Seekers/Bravelands/Warriors
    * Adventures of Tintin

    The games I play include:
    * Polytopia
    * Brawl Stars
    * Epic Summoners
    * Numerous .io games

    Politics greatly interests me; my coordinates on the Political Compass are (-7.6, -5.6). I am a populist and a libertarian leftist. I believe that democracy, free speech, gun rights, and privacy are the most important rights a society must have, and that capitalism, at least in its current form, is incompatible with these freedoms.

    I am an environmentalist and am oppose much of modern technology. I believe that all people must be equal and that harmful constructs such as race, gender, and class need to be abolished. Hereditary monarchy, even if the monarch is only a figurehead, is an extremely immoral system that has no place in any civilized society. Radical left-wing "social justice" or identity politics stand in the way of true progress and equality, and threatens our fundamental right of free speech. All drugs should be decriminalized and eventually legalized. I am opposed to war and foreign intervention as it is a waste of taxpayer money and has lead to unnecessary conflict and suffering in the world.

    I enjoy programming and web design. I know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript well and also understand a bit of Python and Java.

    I enjoy chatting or debating, so if you want, feel free to message me so we can have a conversation or an argument on anything listed above!

    You can find me on other platforms:
    * Discord: climbTheStairs#2951
    * Email:
    * Instagram: @climbthestairs
    * Reddit: u/climbTheStairs
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