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UserAccountAge appends a user tag to the profile masthead that lists the specific account's age. The user tag, when clicked, links to formatted JSON data displaying the moment of account creation. (example)

It was initially conceived as a "Fandomization" and simplification of PleaseStand's UserInfo script on the English Wikipedia, though the most recent iteration of the script, namely code2.js, instead employs the jQuery timeago plugin, removing the hacky attempts at formatting fuzzy dates and opening the script up to a wider variety of user languages. Furthermore, the formatted date of account creation is now displayed upon cursor hover over the user tag.

Occasionally, for certain old accounts (2005 and earlier), the MediaWiki API returns a value of "null" for the user's registration date, and as such, no user tag is displayed on the user masthead.


Users can customize the format of the date shown in the tag via the inclusion of window.customUserAccountAge object. Setting the showFullDate boolean to true will coerce the script into displaying the formatted account creation date in place of the more general "fuzzy date" that is displayed by default. An example config object is shown below:

window.customUserAccountAge = {
	showFullDate: true


Addition of support for Gamepedia wikis
Final UCP update; removal of legacy MW 1.19 code, reinstitution of fuzzy dates for values beyond 30 days, addition of user config option for full dates
Addition of fix to UCP lazy-load masthead detection mechanism, cleanup
Rewrite to support usage on UCP wikis
Removal of unused usercontribs query, minor edits to user tag link
Replacement of PleaseStand code in favor of timeago plugin
Bug fix for usernames with special characters
Initial revision
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